A Natural Way to Keep Pests Away Bay Leaves and Cloves

A Natural Way to Keep Pests Away Bay Leaves and Cloves

Are you sick of bugs like ants, flies, and mosquitoes? There is a simple, natural way to get rid of these bugs. Putting cloves and bay leaves in the air can make it unbearable for these unwanted guests.

Why do people use bay leaves and cloves?

  • Bay leaves are pleasant and can be used for more than just seasoning soups and stews. Pests stay away from bay leaves because they smell strong, which is nice for people. Because they contain essential oils, they are known to keep pests away.
  • Cloves are small buds that pack a lot of heat and are used by many cooks for how they taste. But eugenol, which is found in cloves, is very unpleasant to many bugs and therefore very good at keeping them away.

How to Use Cloves and Bay Leaves to Keep Pests Away

  • Cloves and bay leaves can be used to make a mixture that keeps pests away. You probably already have the ingredients on hand.

Get all the things you need:

  1. A handful of dried bay leaves
  2. Several whole cloves


  • Put the bay leaves and cloves in a small jar or bag. It could be a simple cloth bag or even just a piece of airy fabric sewn together with thread.

Where to Put:

  • Put the bowl or bag in places where you see a lot of bugs, flies, or mosquitoes. In front of doors, on kitchen tables, and near windows are all good places to put them.
  • Making and carefully placing a lot of small packages around your house might give off a bigger impression.

How It Works

  • After 30 minutes, the strong smells of the cloves and bay leaves will fill the room, making these natural bug sprays a must-have. Flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches naturally don’t like these pests because they have strong senses of smell. It works right away and keeps pests away for a long time.

Some Extra Tips

  • Change the bay leaves and cloves every two weeks to keep them working. Their smells might get weaker over time.
  • Bay leaves and cloves are strong natural pesticides that work well on their own, but they will work even better if you also follow other good cleanliness habits, like keeping your home clean and storing food properly.

To sum up
Bay leaves and cloves are an all-natural, smelly way to get rid of bugs, flies, and mosquitoes in your home. It’s not necessary to use dangerous chemicals when this easy and cheap method will do the job just as well. Check it out and enjoy a bug-free space!

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