At the next career fair, Dubai’s RTA will offer 200 jobs to UAE citizens

At the upcoming job fair for UAE citizens, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai plans to offer 200 jobs in different engineering and science fields. The event, called “Ru’ya: Careers UAE Redefined 2023,” will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from September 19 to 21. The RTA wants to get Emirati graduates and talented people to join its workforce. They expect over 15,000 people to come looking for work, to make connections, and to learn new skills.

Strategy for Emiratization:

The RTA’s attendance at the job fair shows that it is committed to the government’s Emiratisation plan, which aims to increase the number of UAE nationals in the workforce. The event draws a wide range of people, including recent graduates from universities, colleges, and institutes as well as Emirati workers who work in different fields. The RTA is dedicated to creating a workplace that encourages people to keep learning and training, values creativity and accuracy in doing their jobs, and focuses on developing and promoting UAE talent.

The RTA has job openings in many different areas, such as engineering, data science, urban planning, IT security, and rail and transportation-specific roles. Applicants can sign up online or choose to have interviews at the RTA’s booth, where experts from the Human Resources and Development Department will be available to help and perform interviews.

Give her power:

‘Empower Her’ is a new area at this year’s job fair that is especially for helping women who are looking for work. Workshops and mentoring sessions will be part of this program. They will be led by experts who understand the unique issues women face in the job market. It shows that the RTA is committed to giving women more power and encouraging them to work.

The ‘Ru’ya – Careers UAE Redefined 2023’ job fair will offer 200 jobs to UAE nationals. This is a big step that Dubai’s RTA is taking to improve its workforce. With a focus on Emiratization, skill development, and women’s empowerment, the RTA is ready to draw and grow top talent as it continues to play a key role in shaping the future of transportation and infrastructure in the UAE. Job seekers are invited to take part in this exciting event, either by signing up online or by going to an interview in person, to find out about rewarding career opportunities with the RTA.



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