Craving Homemade Bread But Lack the Time and an Oven? We Have a Solution

Craving Homemade Bread But Lack the Time and an Oven? We Have a Solution!

Want the flavor of freshly baked bread but lack the means to use an oven or are pressed for time? Do not be alarmed! We have a quick and easy bread recipe that takes only ten minutes to prepare, without the need for an oven!

Essential Components

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this quick and simple bread:

  1. A total of 200 milliliters of warm milk or water
  2. A smidgeonful of sugar
  3. single tsp of salt
  4. Ten milligrams of dry yeast

Method by Method Getting Ready

  • Heat up to 200 milliliters of either milk, water, or a combination of the two.
  • After the liquid has heated, dissolve one teaspoon of salt and half a tablespoon of sugar in it.
  • Next, include 10 grams of yeast that is dry.
  • Give this mixture a few minutes to stand without being disturbed so the yeast can activate and begin to froth.
  • Transfer this yeast mixture to a another basin and whisk in your preferred flour.
  • You may use either bread flour or all-purpose flour. Stir until a soft, slightly sticky dough forms.
  • Don’t worry if the dough seems to be sticking a little. As you knead it, it will become less sticky and easier to handle.

Shaping the Bread and Kneading the Dough

  • When the dough is ready, place it on a clean, lightly floured surface. Work the dough by hand for approximately five minutes, until it becomes elastic and smooth.
  • Next, divide the dough into equal halves and form them into tiny circles or any other shape that you desire. To make breadsticks, you may alternatively roll out the dough and cut it into long strips.
  • Then, place them, allowing room for them to rise, on a baking sheet that has been prepared with silicone baking mats or parchment paper. Your dough will rise slightly and become more puffed after five minutes of resting under a fresh kitchen towel.
  • Baking the Bread How to Use a Steamer While the formed dough is resting, prepare a large saucepan by placing a heatproof rack or steamer basket in the bottom of the pot. Make sure the water in the saucepan doesn’t contact the steamer rack or basket as you fill it with water. The dough should then be gently placed into the pot’s rack or steamer basket.
  • To capture the steam and create a moist environment ideal for baking bread, place a cover on the pot.
  • Steam this for about ten minutes on medium heat. The bread will rise and cook throughout the steaming process, giving it a lovely, fluffy texture. After ten minutes, take the saucepan off of the burner and use a spatula or tongs to carefully remove the steamed bread. Do not forget that the bread will be heated.

Savoring Your Newly Prepared Bread
It’s time to enjoy your quick and simple bread! Use it to make sandwiches or serve it with butter, jam, or cream cheese. Toasted food has an additional crispness. This dish works well for a number of events, such as a classy breakfast, a a fast snack or pretty much anytime you want to treat yourself to the flavor and scent of freshly made bread. Moreover, without an oven, it just takes ten minutes! Try it out and wow your family and friends with your exceptional bread-making abilities.

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