Delicious and Healthy: Oatmeal Diet Cake Recipe

Delicious and Healthy: Oatmeal Diet Cake Recipe

Who says giving up delicious treats is part of dieting? This is not the case with our oatmeal diet cake recipe. This delicious dessert is simple to make and a guilt-free treat. It’s a filling and healthful treat that combines the benefits of yogurt, oats, plus a few additional ingredients.


  1. 130 grams of oat flour
  2. Yogurt weighing 120 grams
  3. Two oranges
  4. Thirty grams of stevia sweetener (or sixty grams of sugar, erythritol, or maltitol)
  5. two eggs
  6. 240 milliliters of steaming water
  7. One tsp vanilla essence
  8. One-tsp each of vinegar and baking soda
  9. Just enough avocado oil
  10. Ginger, grated (enough)
  11. Minimal amounts of cinnamon

Steps in Preparation

  • To begin, put the oat flakes in the glass of the blender, pulse until they are finely ground, then pour them into a bowl, pour in the water, stir, and Give them five minutes to rest.
  • As the oats are resting, peel and chop the oranges into segments. Put the segments in the blender with the yogurt. Blend until the yogurt is well combined. Transfer the liquid into the oat flakes.
  • Add the eggs, vinegar-infused bicarbonate of soda, sweetener (or sugar), grated ginger, and vanilla essence. Using a hand whisk, combine all ingredients to create a smooth and uniform texture.
  • When the batter is done, use avocado oil to butter a tiny donut form. The dough should then be added, and it should be lightly tapped on the table to ensure fair distribution.
  • Finally, bake at 180°C for 50 minutes in an oven that has been prepared. When it’s finished, take the cake out of the mold, place it on a dish, and serve.

Why Opt for Oatmeal?
For good reason, the main ingredient in this diet cake is oatmeal. It’s an excellent source of dietary fiber, which promotes better digestion and prolongs feelings of fullness. Oatmeal is also a great option for a healthy diet because it is full of important nutrients.

Advantages of Diet Cake Made with Oats

  • Calorie-conscious people will love this cake because it is low in calories.
  • High in fiber: Oats provide all the fiber required for a gut that works properly.
  • Natural sweetness: The cake maintains its sweetness without the addition of sugar thanks to the use of stevia sweetener or sugar replacements.
  • Nutritious and satisfying: This cake will provide you the necessary nutrients and fulfill your sweet desire.
    Value Nutritionally

A brief summary of the nutritional content per serving is provided below. of our dessert for the oatmeal diet:

About 180 kcal in calories
26 g of carbohydrates
5 g protein and 3 g fiber
6 g of fat

Changes and Advice
You are welcome to alter this recipe to your preference. For added taste, you can add almonds, dried fruit, or a drop of honey. To preserve the health advantages, don’t forget to modify the components as necessary.

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