The Family Business Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

American crime drama The Family Business made its television debut on BET in 2018. The television program is based on Carl Weber’s best-selling novel and tells the tale of the Duncan family, who own and operate a prosperous car dealership in New York City.

The family’s genuine business, nevertheless, is really a front for their unlawful actions. Fans of the series are anticipating the release of season 5 with bated breath. This article will go over The Family Business season 5’s release date, plot, cast, trailer, and other details.

What will be the storyline of The Family Business Season 5

The heartbreaking loss of LC Duncan still casts a long, dark shadow over the family dynasty as The Family Business Season 5 comes to a close. The once-close-knit Duncan family is now on the verge of disarray after losing the patriarch. Orlando, the reluctant heir, now possesses the reins of authority and accountability.

However, despite their best efforts, his siblings still have their own aspirations and goals, and they are not always in line with Orlando’s plans. The Duncan siblings battle their inner demons within the walls of their magnificent mansion, shielded from the prying eyes of the outside world. The lines between devotion and betrayal are hazy as a delicate ballet of duplicity plays out.

Release Date for “The Family Business Season 5”

On November 13, 2018, The Family Business Season 1 made its debut. There were eight episodes total. Given the favorable reception Season 1 of The Family Business received, the show’s creators decided to give it a second, split-season.

The second season’s first and last episodes were both released on July 2 and December 31, respectively. There were twelve episodes in the second season. The Family Business returned for two additional seasons, the second of which debuted on October 14, 2021, and the fourth of which debuted on September 1, 2022.

The Family Business will premiere in 2023 after apparently receiving a covert fifth season renewal from BET. According to the rumor, BET’s fifth season would debut in the summer of 2023. The authors, however, have not done any verification. There is no information available about whether Family Business will receive a second season. The news of the renewal of the series should come first, then the launch date.

The Family Business Season 5 Cast

No list of cast for the upcoming season has been announced yet. However, we can expect some old characters to appear in the next season.

Ernie Hudson will play as L.C. Duncan

Valerie Pettiford will play as Charlotte Duncan

Armand Assante will play as Sal Dash

Darrin Henson will play as Orlando Duncan

Emilio Rivera will play as Alejandro Zuniga

Yadi Rivera will play as Consuela Zuniga

Carlos Sotelo will play as Miguel Zuniga

Javicia Leslie will play as Paris Duncan

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. will play as Harris Grant

Tami Roman will play as London Duncan-Grant

Sean Ringgold will play as Junior Duncan

Arrington Foster will play as Rio Duncan

KJ Smith will play as Sasha Duncan

Dylan Weber will play as Nevada Duncan

Clifton Powell will play as Uncle Lou Duncan

Kimberly Patterson will play as Ruby

Michael Jai White will play as Vegas Duncan

Stan Shaw will play as Larry Duncan

Sheila E. will play as Maude

Denise Boutte will play as Raven Bonclair

What Will Take Place Next In Season 5 of The Family Business?

There are several instances that prove that book series adaptations are a craze. Numerous works in the entertainment business over the years have drawn inspiration from a certain book or book series. However, only few were able to adapt the plot faithfully.

The Family Business is one of them. Even if the drama fell short of expectations to a large extent, most people are grateful for how well it handled the plot adaptation. Consequently, if renewed, crime family drama will once again delve into the book and develop an intriguing plot.

In addition, the episodes of The Family Business will continue to be a mystery journey. However, the official summary won’t be available until after a trailer debuts. A few days before they want to release season 5, the creators will reveal the trailer.

Who Will Reappear In The Following Season?

While Valerie Pettiford will repeat her role as Charlotte Duncan, Ernie Hudson will undoubtedly return to play L.C. Duncan. Along with them, it is anticipated that Darrin Henson and Armand Assante would return to their respective roles as Orlando Duncan and Sal Dash. Other than them, Yadi Rivera, Emilio Rivera, and Carlos Sotelo might reprise their roles in keeping with their personas. The cast of The Family Business Season 5 can also include Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan and Miguel A. Nez Jr. as Harris Grant. Other actors that might make a comeback include Tami Roman, Clifton Powell, Sean Ringgold, and many more.

Where Can I Watch The Family Business Season 5 Online?

The Family Business’s first four seasons are presently available to stream on BET+. It is anticipated that The Family Business would debut on the same platform if a new season were to be released.

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Only BET+ has exclusive access to the complete fourth season. The criminal drama’s launch in 2018 received a mixed reception. The show’s creators decided to continue on despite the dull response and created an incredible trilogy of further seasons.


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