Fluffy and Delicious Recipe with Only 1 Egg, Flour, and Milk

Fluffy and Delicious Recipe with Only 1 Egg, Flour, and Milk

Are you prepared to use a small number of items to go on a culinary adventure? Let’s investigate how to turn plain flour, milk, and egg into a delicious dessert that will entice your palate. Prepare yourself for an indulgence in delicious desserts that are guaranteed to wow!


  1. 350 grams, or 2 3/4 cups, of flour
  2. One egg
  3. Two tsp sugar
  4. Two tsp oil
  5. For light pastries, use 6 tablespoons (90 ml) of freshly squeezed orange juice.
  6. 120 ml, or 1/2 cup, of warm milk
  7. A small amount of salt
  8. Eight grams (2 1/2 tablespoons) of dry yeast
  9. One tablespoon of butter that has melted
  10. powdered sugar (to dust delicate pastries with)
  11. A little bit of oil

Steps for Kneading the Dough

Get the Yeast Going: Combine in a large basin. Eight grams of dried yeast and two teaspoons of sugar. After adding 120 ml of warm milk, stir to let the yeast come to life.
Mix in Wet Ingredients: Add two teaspoons of oil, a room-temperature egg, and freshly squeezed orange juice.
Add Flour: Until you have a fine, soft dough, gradually add flour that has been combined with a little teaspoon of salt.

Forming the Pastries

  • Getting the Dough Ready: Form a well in the center of the dough after pressing it into a bowl. Add the melted butter and stir until it is absorbed.
  • Permit it Rise: After the dough has doubled in size, cover it and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Partition and Form: Separate the dough into equal halves, roll them into balls, and set aside to rest.
  • Make Shapes of Flowers: Launch Roll each ball thinly, then form them into flowers.

Is it better to fry or bake?

  • Cooking the Pastries to a Crisp: To expedite preparation, heat up some oil in a skillet and fried till golden brown.
  • Baking the Pastries: As an alternative, bake the pastries until they are soft and brown at 180 degrees.
  • Adding the final touch: a dusting of sugar
    Once prepared, dust the pastries with powdered sugar to give them an extra sweet taste.

In summary
You can make fluffy, delectable pastries that will wow your guests and family with just a few basic materials and simple instructions. These sweets will definitely fulfill your appetites and leave you wanting more, whether you fried them or bake them. Now gather your materials and prepare to savor some delicious handmade food!

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