Grandmother’s Secret: Chickpea Recipe That Will Conquer Everyone

Grandmother’s Secret: Chickpea Recipe That Will Conquer Everyone!

Chickpeas are a unique component of Middle Eastern cuisine’s colorful tapestry. Known by many as “garbanzo beans,” this popular legume is a main ingredient in many traditional recipes. A colorful chickpea salad is one such dish that has been handed down through the years, taught to me by an Arab grandma. This meal is a visual feast for the eyes as well as a feast for the senses. This dish is perfect for any occasion and will win over everyone’s taste buds and hearts.


1 pound of chickpeas

One red pepper
One red onion
One spring onion
Juice from pomegranates
Juice from lemons
Oil made from vegetables

Directions for Salt

  • The Chickpeas: Soaking and Cooking
    Let the Chickpeas Soak: To start, put the chickpeas in a big pan with high sides. Pour hot water into the pan until the chickpeas are completely immersed. Soak them for approximately six hours. This is an important step since it shortens the cooking time and softens the chickpeas.
  • Cook the Chickpeas: Place the pan on the burner and bring the water to a boil after the beans have been soaking. There may be surface froth formed while the chickpeas boil. To verify that the cooking liquid is clear, remove this froth with a spoon. Cook the chickpeas for about three hours, or until they are very soft.
  • Getting the Vegetables Ready: Dice and Sauté the Red Pepper: While the chickpeas are cooking, finely cut the red pepper. Vegetable oil is heated in a pan over medium heat. Chop the red pepper and fry it for They should be somewhat softened but remain crunchy after around 3 minutes. After cooking, move the peppers to a dish and reserve.
  • Cut Up Any Other Vegetables: Chop the dill, coriander, spring onion, and red onion finely. These fresh herbs and veggies give the salad a vibrant splash of color and taste.
  • Putting the Salad Together: After the chickpeas are cooked, rinse them and transfer them to a sizable mixing basin.
  • To the bowl, add the chopped red onion, spring onion, coriander, and dill, as well as the fried red peppers.
    Toss the salad with seasoning.
  • Add a teaspoon of salt to the salad to season it. Combine one tablespoon of pomegranate juice and one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice in a small bowl.
  • Pour this tart concoction. above the salad. Make sure the spice coats the veggies and chickpeas well by giving everything a little toss.
  • Serve: You may now proceed to serve your chickpea salad. This dish is a flexible complement to any dinner because it may be eaten warm or cold.
    Nutritional Information Packed with nutrition, this chickpea salad is equally delightful. The nutritional information for each serving is broken down as follows:

210 calories
10g of protein
35g of carbohydrates
8g of fiber
6g of fat
35% of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C
15% of the DV is iron.

How to Make the Ideal Chickpea Salad

  • Time to Soak: Make sure to soak the chickpeas for at least six hours; however, for a softer texture, soaking them overnight is preferable.
  • Use fresh herbs, such as dill and coriander. for optimal taste. While they work in a hurry, dried herbs don’t have the same bright flavor.
  • Taste the salad before serving and adjust the amount of salt and lemon juice to suit your taste.
  • Serving Ideas: This salad is a great side dish for grilled fish or meats, or it may be eaten by itself as a light dinner.

In summary
The Middle Eastern cuisine’s nutritious ingredients and rich tastes are exemplified in this chickpea salad. This recipe is wonderfully nutritious and simple to prepare, and it’s sure to wow and please. This chickpea salad is an excellent option for both a filling main meal and a nutritious side dish.

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