How to buy iPhone 15 in installments in UAE?

In the UAE, there is a lot of anticipation for Apple’s iPhone 15, and major retailers are pleased with the response. Particularly popular features include the quick A17 chipset and USB-C charging.

People in the UAE can order the iPhone 15 series starting on September 15 at 4 PM, and they can pick up their phones starting on September 22. The starting price of the iPhone 15 is Dh3,399.

Jumbo Electronics CEO Vikas Chadha is optimistic about the possibilities of the iPhone 15. He believes that those who enjoy trying new things and those who are considering upgrading to iOS 17 will be drawn to the new colors, finishes, and enhancements. Additionally, retailers are contacting customers to inform them of pre-order dates, offers for trading in outdated phones, upcoming plans to buy back phones, and agreements with banks.

Customers may find it enticing to trade in their old phones for a discount on the new iPhone 15, which is offered by merchants like Jumbo Electronics. Additionally, to make it easy for customers to purchase the iPhone 15, retailers like Eros Group plan to provide simpler payment choices including paying in monthly installments or paying later.

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People in the UAE want high-end goods with useful features. Because they have significant upgrades, Vikas Chadha thinks the Pro models, particularly the Pro Max, will be highly popular. The Eros Group’s Rajat Asthana, the Chief Operating Officer, concurs that the iPhone Pro and Pro Max have excellent features at an affordable price.

With the release of the new iPhone 15, existing iPhone models will undoubtedly become more affordable. Rajat Asthana and Jumbo’s CEO predict that the cost of older iPhone handsets will likely decrease by between 10 and 15 percent. However, it can take some time before the cost of previous models is drastically reduced.





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