Liyah Kilpatrick: The Complete Guide To The Star Princess

Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick are the parents of Liyah Kilpatrick. Liyah’s parents have made her a well-known and endearing child. Her parents are well-known figures who are successful in their respective industries. The four-person family is a resident of America. Read on to find out more about Liyah Kilpatrick, the famous child.

Bio Information:

Full Name: Liyah Kilpatrick

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: 2013/8/5

Birth Country: America

Birth Place: California

Horoscope: Leo

Ethnicity: Black

Father Name: Danny Kilpatrick

Mother Name: Kyla Pratt

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Early Life of Liyah Kilpatrick

Liyah Kilapatrick was born on August 5, 2013, making her nine years old. She grew up in a balanced and healthful environment in California, USA, where she was born. She is most likely in the fourth or fifth grade, even though no information about her schooling is available. Plus, it’s realistic to assume that she attends a top university, getting the greatest education possible and having access to first-rate resources. She has gorgeous brown eyes and black hair. Leo is her zodiac sign.

Liyah Kilapatrick’s Parents

Here are some facts about Liyah Kilapatrick’s parents before we go on to provide you with more details about her;

Liyah’s Mother- Kyla Alissa Pratt

The well-known actress is also a mother, wife, and superstar. September 16, 1986, was her birthdate. Johnny McCullar and Kecia Pratt McCullar are her parents. Love & Basketball, Kyla Pratt’s 2000 debut, helped make her famous.

When Kyla was expecting her two daughters, she never went out in public. Furthermore, she delayed telling the media about their birth. The actress and her kids spend a lot of quality time together. She frequently uploads family photos to her profile, demonstrating the love that permeates the family.

Liyah’s Father- Danny Kilpatrick

Danny Kilpatrick is a well-known musician and songwriter. He has appeared on our screens in numerous TV series and movies. He is an amazing tattoo artist and shares the same nationality as his wife, who is American. November 26, 1986, was Danny’s birthday. Although they have been engaged since 2011, the couple has not yet tied the knot.


Liyah ought to be in her primary school years by now. Her parents haven’t disclosed the name of her school, though. We assume the concerned parent acted to safeguard their child’s privacy. However, we are certain that she is attending one of the top universities due to the wealth and renown of her diligent parents.


Liyah’s parents have a first daughter named Kai Kilpatrick. The date of her birth was November 17, 2010. Liyah’s parents have other children. In the family of four, she occupies the third position. Lyric is her older sister’s name. Compared to Liyah, she is roughly three years older.

The young child is frequently called her mother, Kyla, in miniature. That’s because she and she have a striking resemblance. Liyah bears a striking resemblance to her elder sister.

Employment and Social Media

Liyah Kilpatrick has multiple social media accounts that her parents handle for her, just like any other child. Liyah still has a lot of childhood left, so she will have plenty of time to consider her career options. She is in the best hands to mentor her if she chooses to pursue a career in acting or songwriting.

Liyah Kilpatrick’s Net Worth

Liyah is enjoying her parent’s wealth even though she is unemployed. You could assume Liyah Kilapatrick has a trust fund because she is the daughter of two well-known and prosperous celebrities. It’s too soon to tell how much she is eligible for. Her parents are currently dealing with this: Danny Kilapatrick has only revealed that his net worth is approximately $2 million, primarily derived from his tattoo services. Other methods, such as acting, have yet to be revealed.

Kyla Pratt’s lucrative acting career has contributed to her $4 million net worth. Despite their busy schedules with various projects, the singer and actress have yet to receive any income.

All that matters is that Liyah Kilpatrick leads a happy and comfortable life, regardless of the couple’s monthly income.

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Liyah Kilpatrick’s Social Media accounts

Liyah Kilapatrick has a beautiful Instagram account with pictures of her enjoying life with her family.Despite having more than 40 followers on her official Instagram page, @liyahastarkp, she only posts occasionally on social media.

Additionally, her name is not associated with any other official social media platform; we will keep you informed if she indicates interest in using other social media sites.


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