No oven, no gelatin no cream, cheesecake easy and delicious

No oven, no gelatin, no cream cheesecake easy and delicious

In the modern world of hectic schedules and time constraints, discovering simple and quick dessert recipes might come in rather handy. And you’re in luck if you love cheesecake but don’t want to bother with baking or using cream and gelatin! We have the ideal recipe for you: a simple, yet incredibly tasty, no-bake, no-gelatin, no-cream cheesecake.

Components Required for the Base:

  1. Two cups of crushed biscuits equals 200 grams of biscuits.
  2. A half-cup of butter
  3. A half-cup of sugar
  4. Three tablespoons of flour
  5. three tablespoons of starch
  6. Three glasses of milk
  7. A half-cup of milk powder
  8. A half-cup of cheesecake
  9. A half-cup of yogurt Vanilla

Regarding the layer of pudding:

  • mug of strawberry-flavored juice
  • Four tsp sugar
  • One spoonful starch and two teaspoons of strawberry jelly
  • Two cups of strawberries
  • one tsp lemon juice

Guidelines for Getting Ready

Now let’s get started on the detailed instructions for creating this delicious cheesecake:

Creating the Foundation

  • Grind 200 grams of biscuits to a fine powder in a deep dish.
  • Stir in the crumbled biscuits and 1/2 cup melted butter over low heat until a sand-like consistency develops.
  • Once the foundation of the cheesecake is formed, press this mixture evenly into a 26 cm mold and place it in the refrigerator.

The Cheesecake Filling’s preparation

  • Mix 3 tablespoons flour, 3 tablespoons starch, and 1/2 cup sugar with 3 cups milk in a bowl.
  • Blend in 1/2 cup of powdered milk well.


  • Stir the mixture continuously over medium heat until it thickens and boils.
  • Take off the heat and mix in the vanilla essence, 1/2 cup cream cheese, and 1/2 cup yogurt.
  • Transfer this blend onto the cold biscuit foundation and smooth the surface.
  • Place a plastic wrap over it and chill.

How to Make the Strawberry Layer

  • 1 cup of strawberry juice, 4 teaspoons sugar, 2 tablespoons strawberry jelly, and 1 tablespoon starch should all be combined in a pot.
  • Cook until the mixture thickens, on low heat.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 cups of chopped strawberries.
  • After cooking for a further two minutes, allow it to cool somewhat.
  • Evenly cover the chilled cheesecake layer with the strawberry mixture, spreading it out.
  • For at least two hours, get fixed.

Last Details and Serving

  • After the cheesecake has solidified, take it out of the shape and slice it.
  • Enjoy the delectable flavor after serving cold!

Suggestions for Change

  • Try a variety of fruit toppings, including peaches, raspberries, or blueberries.
  • For an even more decadent touch, sprinkle some chocolate sauce or caramel over it.
  • For further variation, experiment with different flavored biscuits for the foundation.

Advantages for Health

  • Probiotics are found in yogurt and cream cheese and are good for intestinal health.
  • Antioxidants and vitamin C are abundant in strawberries, supporting immunity and general well-being.

In summary

This easy and delicious no-bake cheesecake recipe will help you quickly sate your sweet desire. This cheesecake will wow everyone, whether you’re serving it at a dinner party or you’re just in the need for something rich and creamy. Thus, assemble your components and give it a go right now!

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