Place a container with salt in the bathroom, and watch household issues vanish completely.

Place a container with salt in the bathroom, and watch household issues vanish completely.


  1. A little quantity of baking soda
  2. One hundred grams of coarse sea salt

Together with baking soda, which is renowned for its purifying qualities, you have a potent combination that not only makes the air seem cleaner but also enhances wellbeing.
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Combination: You’ll require:

  1. One hundred grams of sea salt, coarsely ground
  2. A little quantity of baking soda
  3. A pretty dish or a little, open container


  • Combine the ingredients: Mix the sea salt and a little pinch of baking soda in a bowl. It just takes about a spoonful of baking soda to thoroughly combine with the salt.
  • Select a Location: Find an appropriate location for the container in your bathroom and fill it with the mixture. The container should match your dcor. The warmth and humidity in the bathroom aid in releasing the healthy qualities of the baking soda and salt.
  • Allow It to Operate: Place the container where you’ve decided. All you have to do is let the concoction settle and work its magic. It is said that the mixture will attract contaminants and bring the space’s energies into harmony.
  • Refresh as necessary: Every several weeks, or to preserve the mixture’s efficacy, it’s a good idea to change it if it seems wet or clumped. Additionally, it guarantees that your area will always be a tranquil and rejuvenating haven.

This easy fix is a fun way to infuse your house with a feeling of peace and tidyness. It’s simple, affordable, and makes use of common natural components that most people already have. If you give it a try, you could notice a little but enjoyable improvement in the atmosphere of your house. Take pleasure in the tranquility you’ve contributed to by adding a small amount of baking soda and salt!


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