Recent Internet blockades were not taken into confidence by the Pakistan IT Ministry, the IT Minister

Switching to the Internet service blocking problem: The IT Minister, Aminul Haque, has made a statement to make it clear that neither he nor his office were taken into consideration when this internet service was suspended.

He added that the interior ministry, with their agreement, banned internet access across the country when the former prime minister, Imran Khan, was detained by a large number of paramilitary rangers. He wasn’t given any secret information, so he can’t answer any questions about what happened.

The IT ministry doesn’t have anything to do with PTA because it is a totally separate department.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were blocked for an unknown amount of time, and mobile phone service was also turned off in some places to cut off people who were taking part in protests or doing illegal things.

With no input from the IT Ministry, this decision was made independently by the Pakistani government.

The Pakistani government should have adopted some alternate measures to handle this situation, according to the IT minister, as suspending internet access was not a good solution. The upheaval has caused significant financial losses for many people.

The internet services and social media pages were reinstated a day earlier, but their 7-day suspension cost the IT sector and telco providers Rs. 820 million in lost income.


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