The Ultimate Guide to Delicious Apple Pancakes with Yogurt

The Ultimate Guide to Delicious Apple Pancakes with Yogurt

Are you prepared to take a culinary trip yet? In addition to being really tasty, these apple pancakes with yogurt are also quite healthy, giving you a full and energizing sensation. A morning delight that will entice your taste senses to replace your dull breakfasts!


  1. 200 grams of plain yogurt
  2. Two apples
  3. Two cups of frozen fruit, such as strawberries,
  4. One cup of oats
  5. two eggs
  6. One tsp baking powder
  7. One tsp stevia sweetening
  8. One dash of salt
  9. One butter knob
  10. Grated organic lemon zest, ½

Method of Preparation

Come on, let’s cook! To make your yogurt-topped apple pancakes, just follow these simple steps:

Preparing the Strawberry Sauce

  • Strawberries should be put on a nonstick pan.
  • Mix thoroughly after adding the stevia sweetener.
  • Warmth the strawberries over medium heat until a smooth, sugary sauce forms.
  • Peel and grate the apples into a basin before mixing the batter.
  • Combine the apples with the grated zest of lemon.
  • Beat the eggs in a another dish, then blend in the yogurt and salt until smooth.
  • After adding the baking powder and oats, sift in the shredded apples and fold to mix.

Preparing the Pancakes

  • Put a knob of butter on medium heat in a nonstick pan.
  • Divide the batter into individual pancakes by spooning it onto the pan.
  • Cook until golden brown, 2 to 3 minutes per side.
  • Preparing the Strawberry Sauce
    These apple pancakes get a luscious sweetness boost from the strawberry sauce. It goes really well with the fluffy and is quite simple to make. the pancakes’ texture. Pour a large amount over your pancakes for a delicious garnish!
  • Blending the Cake
    The grated apples, oats, and yogurt combined with each other produce a flavorful, thick batter. The subtle citrus flavor of the lemon zest wonderfully counterbalances the richness of the apples and strawberries.
  • Preparing the Pancakes
    To get the ideal texture, the pancakes must be cooked until they are golden brown. To guarantee that they cook evenly on both sides, be sure to turn them gently. When they’re cooked, pile them high and get ready to have a delicious breakfast!

Serving Ideas
Even while these apple pancakes with yogurt are excellent on their own, you ma y elevate them with some inventive offering recommendations. For more sweetness, top them with a drizzle of honey, a dollop of Greek yogurt, or more fresh fruit.

Advantages for Health
These pancakes are loaded with nutritious value in addition to being quite tasty. Yogurt, apples, and oatmeal provide you a good source of protein, fiber, and vitamins to start the day off well.

Changes and Advice
Use your imagination when preparing this dish! For a fresh twist, try using various fruits in their place or adding nuts and spices. In addition, you may change the amount of stevia sweetener to your preferred sweetness in pancakes.

In summary
To sum up, these yogurt-topped apple pancakes are a tasty and healthy choice for breakfast or any time of day. Using basic components and With just a little effort and planning, you may indulge in a healthy dinner that fulfills your desires guilt-free. Why then wait? Now get in the kitchen and make yourself a stack of delectable pancakes!

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