This is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten Dessert in Minutes, No Oven, No Condensed Milk

This is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten Dessert in Minutes, No Oven, No Condensed Milk

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dessert, especially when it comes together quickly and doesn’t need an oven? This recipe is perfect if you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen! All you need are a few basic ingredients and simple instructions to make a delicious treat that will make you desire more. Now let’s get started on creating this delicious dessert that will quickly become a new favorite of yours!


  1. 3.5 ounces of biscuits without added sugar
  2. One and a quarter cups of milk
  3. Three ounces of chocolate
  4. One teaspoon + three tablespoons of light cream
  5. 3 tablespoons of stevia sweetener (or 5.5 tablespoons of regular sugar as an option)
  6. two yolks from eggs
  7. One ounce of corn flour
  8. One ounce of butter
  9. Half an ounce of cocoa

Steps in Preparation

Let’s now explore the detailed instructions for making this delicious dessert:

  • Arranging the Biscuits in Layers
    Start by lining a 16 x 16 cm square glass baking dish with a layer of sugar-free biscuits. This is going to be your dessert’s foundation. While you create the creamy filling, set aside the dish.
  • Preparing the Creamy Filling
    Whisk together the egg yolks and stevia sweetener (or sugar) in a saucepan. Pour in the milk and corn starch and whisk until smooth. It should take one to two minutes for the mixture to start to bubble and thicken, during which you should stir continually over medium heat. Then, include the butter into the mixture and let it melt fully. Take the pot off of the burner after it has melted.
  • Pour half of the creamy mixture into the cocoa layer.
  • covering the biscuit layer in the baking dish, taking care to coat each one equally. Next, cover with another layer of biscuits. Add the cocoa powder to the remaining creamy filling and stir until thoroughly combined. Evenly distribute this cocoa mixture over the second layer of biscuits in the plate.
  • Using chocolate cream as a garnish
    Melt the chocolate in a bowl that is safe to put in the microwave. Rich chocolate cream is created by whisking in the light cream until it’s smooth. Spread this chocolate cream evenly on the baking dish’s cocoa layer as you pour it on to cover the dessert’s surface.
  • Cooling Off the Dessert
    After preparing, put the dessert in the fridge and let it cool for at least half an hour. This will enable the layering to occur.
  • Allow the flavors to combine, creating an incredibly decadent delicacy.

Serving Ideas
After the dessert has cooled, take it out of the fridge and present it to your excited guests. This dessert’s rich tastes and luscious layers will wow you whether you eat it by itself or with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

In summary
To sum up, this dish is revolutionary for anyone with a sweet taste and a tight schedule. Make a masterpiece that beats any bakery delight with only a few ingredients and easy preparation techniques. Why then wait? Experience the thrill of enjoying the tastiest dish you’ve ever eaten by giving this recipe a try!

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