Whisk Banana with Cookies You’ll be Amazed Delicious Dessert in 5 Minutes Without Baking

Whisk Banana with Cookies You’ll be Amazed Delicious Dessert in 5 Minutes Without Baking

Who doesn’t enjoy a simple, quick dessert fix? Particularly when it involves the delectable pairing of cookies and bananas. We’ll explore a straightforward yet delicious dessert dish in this post that will entice your palate and leave you wanting more. Prepare to make a delicious dessert in under five minutes!


  1. two bananas
  2. 120 grams of cookies
  3. 35 grams of butter
  4. 75 grams of whipped cream
  5. 200 grams of concentrate milk
  6. 35 grams of sugar
  7. refined sugar
  8. Flakes of chocolate


Let’s examine the procedures for making this delicious dessert:

  • Smashing the Biscuits
    Scoop up a few of your preferred cookies and put them into a plastic bag. Crush them into tiny crumbs with a rolling pin. This step gives our dessert a delicious crunch.
  • Setting Up the Base
    Using a potato masher, put the mashed bananas and crumbled cookies in a mixing basin. After thoroughly mixing, pour the batter into a circular cake pan to create the foundation.
  • Preparing the Creamy Filling
    Melt the butter and sugar together in a saucepan. After melting, thoroughly combine with the milk concentrate. Simmer it for around five minutes, stirring all the time. This will be our dessert’s filling, this creamy mixture.
  • Putting the Dessert Together
    Over the prepared cookie and banana foundation in the cake pan, pour the creamy mixture. For an additional taste boost, arrange slices of banana on top.
  • Using chocolate flakes for decoration
    Beat the cream with a teaspoon of powdered sugar in a separate bowl.
  • until firm peaks start to form. Drizzle the completed dish with this deliciously creamy mixture. For a delicious garnish, generously sprinkle chocolate flakes on top.
  • Serving Ideas
    After assembling, place the dessert in the refrigerator for a short while to let it solidify. To enjoy the greatest flavor, serve cold. You may also experiment with different toppings, such as more fruits or a caramel sauce drizzle.

In summary
You’ve made a delicious dessert that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters in only five minutes. It’s impossible to resist the mix of cookies, bananas, and creamy delight. Why then wait? Make this delicious dessert now and experience ultimate happiness!

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