Why Wooden Wetsuit Hangers are a Must-Have for Surfers

Surfing isn’t always only a recreation, it’s a lifestyle. Surfers are enthusiastic about their craft and invest a remarkable deal of money and time into their gear. One crucial piece of gadget for any surfer is a wetsuit. 

These specialised suits offer insulation and safety in opposition to the cold ocean water, allowing surfers to stay inside the water for longer durations. But, have you ever ever puzzled how surfers dry and save their wetsuits? 

This is where timber wetsuit hangers come into play. In this text, we can discover why timber wetsuit hangers are a must-have for surfers.

1. Preserving the Shape of the Wetsuit

One of the maximum crucial motives why wooden wetsuit hangers are a should-have for surfers is they assist maintain the shape of the wetsuit. Wetsuits are crafted from neoprene, a sort of synthetic rubber. 

Neoprene is a flexible cloth that can easily lose its form if no longer saved nicely. Hanging a wetsuit on a wooden hanger ensures that it continues its form and does not develop any wrinkles or creases that might have an effect on its performance within the water. 

Additionally, wooden wetsuit hangers also are beneficial due to the fact they allow the wetsuit to dry well. After a surf consultation, wetsuits can emerge as damp and want to be dried thoroughly to save you the growth of bacteria and unsightly odors. 

Wooden hangers offer right air flow across the wetsuit, allowing it to dry extra effectively. Furthermore, timber wetsuit hangers are aesthetically alluring and add a touch of natural beauty to any surfers’ garage region. 

Unlike plastic or metallic hangers, wood hangers are visually appealing and might enhance the overall aesthetic of a surfers’ tools collection. Another gain of wooden wetsuit hangers is their sturdiness. 

Unlike plastic hangers that could spoil or bend through the years, timber hangers are robust and constructed to closing. 

This means that surfers can rely upon their timber wetsuit hangers to guide their wetsuits season after season, without worrying approximately them deteriorating or turning into ineffective. Lastly, wood wetsuit hangers are environmentally friendly. 

Many surfers are captivated with preserving the sea and its surrounding environment, and using wood hangers aligns with this mind-set. Wood is a renewable resource, and opting for timber hangers reduces the need for plastic or metallic options which could harm the environment. 

In end, timber wetsuit hangers are a should-have for surfers due to the fact they help keep the form of the wetsuit, permit for proper drying, add aesthetic appeal, are long lasting, and environmentally pleasant. 

Investing in a terrific wood wetsuit hanger is a small yet big step closer to keeping the longevity and overall performance of a surfers’ wetsuit.

2. Allowing Proper Air Circulation

Another crucial component in wetsuit care is right air circulation. After a surf session, wetsuits tend to get moist and sweaty, growing the suitable surroundings for micro organism and mould to grow. 

This can result in unsightly odors or even pores and skin infections. Wooden wetsuit hangers play a vital position in allowing proper air circulation, which allows to dry out the wetsuit and prevents the increase of bacteria. 

Wooden wetsuit hangers are designed with extensive, curved shoulders that mimic the shape of the human frame. This guarantees that the wetsuit is hung well and permits air to drift freely around it. 

The wood cloth additionally absorbs extra moisture, helping to hurry up the drying technique. By placing your wetsuit on a timber hanger, you can assist maintain its integrity and amplify its lifespan. 

Additionally, wood wetsuit hangers are sturdy and durable, capable of guide the load of a wet wetsuit without bending or breaking. This is particularly essential for thicker wetsuits, which can be heavy when wet. 

By the use of a timber hanger, you may keep away from useless pressure at the wetsuit seams and prevent them from stretching or tearing. Proper air move is not only vital for drying out your wetsuit, but additionally for retaining its ordinary hygiene. 

By permitting air to circulate, you may limit the accumulation of micro organism and mold, that may motive ugly odors and skin irritations. 

Regularly striking your wetsuit on a wooden hanger can assist save you those problems and make sure that your wetsuit is clean and prepared on your subsequent surf session. In conclusion, proper air stream is essential for wetsuit care. 

Using a timber wetsuit hanger permits air to flow freely around the wetsuit, supporting it to dry out quickly and stopping the growth of bacteria and mold. 

By incorporating this simple step into your wetsuit care habitual, you may make certain that your wetsuit stays in splendid situation and is equipped in your subsequent adventure inside the water.

3. Longevity and Durability

Investing in exceptional wooden wetsuit hangers can also shop surfers money in the end. While plastic or metallic hangers may also seem like a extra less expensive alternative at the start, they regularly smash or bend underneath the weight of a moist wetsuit. 

This can result in the wetsuit falling on the ground, getting broken, or dropping its form. Investing in extremely good wooden wetsuit hangers can save you those issues and prolong the lifespan of a wetsuit. 

Wooden hangers are robust and may guide the burden of a moist wetsuit without breaking or bending. This ensures that the wetsuit remains securely hung, reducing the chance of damage or deformation.

By well preserving the shape and integrity of the wetsuit, surfers can avoid high-priced repairs or the want to update their wetsuits often. 

Additionally, wood hangers are regularly designed with wider shoulders, supplying better support and preventing creases or wrinkles inside the wetsuit material.

Overall, selecting notable wood wetsuit hangers is a smart investment that can save surfers cash in the long run by using protecting their valuable equipment.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

Last but no longer least, timber wetsuit hangers upload a touch of favor and elegance to any surfer’s gear storage area. The natural texture and heat tones of wood create a visually appealing display that compliments the splendor of a wetsuit. 

Many surfers take pride of their device, and having a wood hanger to exhibit their wetsuit adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. Not most effective do timber wetsuit hangers provide a visually fascinating show, but in addition they provide realistic blessings. 

The strong creation of these hangers ensures that the wetsuit is securely held in region, stopping it from getting creased or damaged. The clean floor of the timber also enables to prevent any marks or indentations on the wetsuit. 

This is in particular essential for surfers who put money into exceptional wetsuits that require right care and maintenance. 

Additionally, wood hangers are extra environmentally pleasant compared to plastic or steel hangers, making them a popular choice among eco-conscious surfers. 

So, whether or not you’re a expert surfer or a casual beachgoer, adding a timber wetsuit hanger to your tools storage place is a easy yet fashionable manner to raise your surf tools and show off your love for the sport.


Wooden wetsuit hangers are a should-have for surfers for numerous reasons. They assist hold the shape of the wetsuit, allow proper air circulation for faster drying, and are an green alternative to plastic or metallic hangers. Wooden hangers are also known for their sturdiness, saving surfers money ultimately. Lastly, they add a touch of style and beauty to any surf gear storage area. So, if you are a passionate surfer searching to attend to your wetsuit and show off it with pride, making an investment in a timber wetsuit hanger is simply really worth it.

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