Without the refrigerator! Keep Chicken Intinct for Twelve Months

Without the refrigerator! Keep Chicken Instinct for Twelve Months

While it is possible to preserve chicken fresh and safe to eat for up to a year by following the right procedure, storing chicken outside of a refrigerator may seem like a challenging task. This traditional method of preservation not only increases the shelf life of chicken but also ensures a steady supply of protein throughout the year. Let’s look into effective and safe ways to accomplish it.

Components and Equipment

  1. Modernized chicken
  2. coarse-grain salt
  3. ideal jars or containers
  4. a chilly, dry storage area


The best way to prepare the chicken is to:

Washing and trimming the chicken should come first. Remove all feathers, internal organs, and excess weight. Commencing with excellent, fresh chicken will help to provide the best possible results.

2. Season the chicken with salt.

  • Coarsely salt the chicken well, making sure to coat the whole bird, even the cavity. Salt, a naturally occurring preservative, snatches moisture and inhibits the growth of microorganisms.
  • Start at the bottom of an airtight jar or container and layer with salt. Place the chicken on top of this layer and then sprinkle more salt over the entire thing. Verify that there are no exposed areas on the bird.

3. Permit it to mend:

  • After sealing the container, store it somewhere dry and cool. It works very nicely in a pantry or cellar. Give the chicken at least four to six weeks to cure. The chicken will be preserved since the salt will draw out its moisture.

4. Remove and give a rinse.

  • Rinse well: Remove the chicken from the salt. following the healing period. Rinse it well with cold water to get rid of all the salt. Use a clean towel to allow it to dry.

5. Long-Term Storage:

  • Cover the chicken with parchment paper or cheese cloth once it has been washed and dried. Return it to its sealed container. Maintain it cool and dry. These days, one can store a chicken for up to a year.

Suggestions for the best possible results

  • Food will keep best if you use premium coarse salt. Iodized table salt should be avoided as it may include chemicals that affect the curing process.
  • Preserving helps food prevent spoiling by keeping the storage area consistently dry and cool.
  • Regularly check the chicken to make sure it’s not getting bad. If something seems off about the chicken, don’t buy it.
  • fragrances or color changes.
  • Before using the preserved chicken, submerge it in water for a few hours or overnight to rehydrate and remove excess salt.
  • Cooking Methods: Salt-cured chicken is excellent for slow-cooking recipes including stews, braises, and soups. It can also be roasted or grilled after being rehydrated.

To sum up
This traditional method of salt-curing keeps chicken safe and intact for up to a year, even without a refrigerator. This technique not only preserves the chicken but also gives it a rich, flavorful taste. Try this method and enjoy how convenient it is to have preserved chicken available all year long.

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