Everything You Need To Know About Usman Institute of Technology

Usman Institute of Technology (UIT), now known as UIT University, is a nonprofit organization. UIT University’s campus is in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan, at the junction of University Road and Abul Hasan Isphahani Road.

Imran Ismail, the governor of Sindh, officiated the inauguration event on December 18, 2021. During this occasion, the institute transitioned from its former designation as a famous institute to that of a full-fledged university.

The college provides undergraduate engineering, business management, and computer science undergraduate programs.

Memorial Foundation for Usman

The Late Mohammad Usman Memorial Foundation was established in 1973 by his family, friends, and well-wishers. The Foundation’s first President was Mr. A.K. Brohi, and its Secretary General was Dr. Manzoor Ahmad.

Researchers Dr. Syeda Khatoon and Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Jalandri received a Usman Memorial Scholarship for their work on the “Deoband Movement and Religious Reforms” and “An Analysis of Religion Philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmed,” respectively. The two research articles were both published as books.

Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) was founded by the Foundation in 1994 on a block of land assigned to it on Abul Hasan Isphahani Road, with funding provided entirely by the Hasham family.


Usman Institute of Technology was founded due to an endowment from the Hasham family of the Memon community in honor of Mohammad Usman Hasham, the philanthropist and businessman son of Haji Hasham.

Haji Hasham started his commercial career in India at 11 in the early 20th century. After moving to Karachi in 1936, he began expanding his business. His economic activities depended heavily on well-known enterprises, including Mehran Sugar Mills, Mogul Tobacco, Pakistan Molasses Company, and Usman Textile.

His sons were motivated by a desire to improve the neighborhood’s well-being. One of his kids found inspiration in Dr. Manzoor’s philosophy and shared his humanist beliefs as a student of the eminent philosopher and dean of the philosophy department at Karachi University, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad.

Usman passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1973 at 38. The ‘Usman Memorial Foundation’ was created the same year after Usman’s mentor, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad, advised him to do so. The late Mr. A.K. Brohi also provided support for the initiative. Mr. Brohi accepted the position of Foundation President, while Dr. Manzoor Ahmad was requested to take on the job of General Secretary.

The Foundation developed a library, hosted academic talks, and offered research fellowships. The Foundation bought a property plot along University Road in 1976 to create a school.

The Usman Institute of Technology was established in 1995 on Mr. Ebrahim Hasham’s advice and with the Hasham Family’s financial backing. The institute was founded with Canada’s Technical University of Nova Scotia. By 1997, an agreement between the Usman Memorial Foundation and Hamdard University had been reached, allowing the latter to award degrees to UIT students. A key person, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad, was named Life Chairman of the Usman Institute of Technology executive board.

ACM Student Chapter at UITCS

A group of undergraduate students, the Usman Institute of Technology Computer Society (UITCS), is committed to fostering interest in computing and information technologies. Poster presentations, lectures, workshops, and competitions are all part of UITCS activities.

The society has created an R&D department to identify issues affecting the regional IT businesses and identify potential solutions.

UITCS was renamed UITCS ACM Student Chapter after the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) formally chartered it as a student chapter in March 2006. The Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) is a scientific and educational organization that unites computer education, research, and industry experts.


In Pakistan, there is a software contest called UTECH. On the Usman Institute of Technology campus at Karachi’s Abul-Hasan Isphani Road, UTECH 2009 was held. With competitions and software exhibitions from all around Pakistan and its South Asian neighbors, it was one of the country’s most significant information technology events.

It features a book festival, software competition, dynamic programming competition with the help of ACM’s NUCES Chapter, kids corner (where grade school students showcase their ideas), and G3n. X (Generation Xtreme) gaming competition.

College Literary Society of UIT

Usman Institute of Technology has a literary group that students and instructors run from the humanities department to improve their literary ability. Despite having yet to plan any contests or other events, the UITU Literary Society is committed to developing these abilities.

University Readers Club at UIT

Mufti Emad-ul-Haq and student Wajid Hassan founded the Reader’s Club to promote understanding of Pakistan’s geopolitical situation, the significance of Islam to the nation, and how it affects society and people.

The Readers Club aims to develop obedient individuals with tolerance skills. Students in this group have gained good communication skills due to the club’s highly analytical discussions. Students choose the subjects for Reader’s Club sessions through voting on their Facebook page.

No matter how contentious, current events topics have been covered in earlier sessions. Mufti Emad-ul-Haq serves as the session’s chair. Other faculty members from various departments attend the seminars along with the students. Another club goal is to develop interpersonal and communication skills among engineering students, typically considered shy.


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