These straightforward and easy air fryer roasted cashews are the ideal little treat—crunch and just the right amount of salt. Perfectly roasted in just a few minutes with an air fryer, while keeping your kitchen cool.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new and varied snacks. a tasty and entertaining new method of feeding my clan. This is made possible by the air fryer. Nuts make an enjoyable snack. This is a simple and quick recipe that yields delicious cashews that you can eat on their own or as a topping for salads. You just need a handful of cashews to get started, as they are an excellent source of protein.


I know that when I roast nuts in my air fryer—in this example, cashews—I’m providing my family with a tasty and nutritious snack that goes well with salads. With the air fryer, you may combine flavours and nuts in countless ways. The finest aspect of it is

It’s easy: just pick your nuts, sprinkle them with some olive oil and pepper, and voila!
Simple: No need for a complex, in-depth combination. What your family like, do it.
Delicious: With so many flavours available, customise the flavour so that everyone in your family would love it and want more.


  1. two cups uncooked cashews
  2. Two tsp olive oil
  3. one tsp powdered garlic
  4. One tsp of lemon pepper
  5. One tsp salt


  • Olive oil and cashews should be combined in a big mixing basin.
  • Stir until every cashew has a uniform coating.
    Once the seasonings are equally spread, sprinkle them on and stir.
  • Pour into the air fryer basket, shake, and cook for three minutes at 330 degrees Fahrenheit on the manual setting.
  • Go back to the air fryer and cook for a further two to four minutes, or until golden all over.
  • Before eating, take it out and allow it to cool completely.

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