Belly Fat-Burning Cabbage Elixir

Belly Fat-Burning Cabbage Elixir

It doesn’t have to be difficult or involve strenuous exercise to lose abdominal fat. Actually, you can wave goodbye to that stubborn belly fat with this simple and approachable recipe—no harsh exercise regimens or restrictive diets required. Let’s get started on the easy procedures to make this cabbage elixir that burns abdominal fat.


  1. Broccoli
  2. A quarter of a lemon
  3. cups of water
  4. Parsley, or cilantro in a substitute
  5. Honey (for sweetness, optional)

Getting ready:

  • Cut the cabbage into thin slices to start.
    Slice the half of a lemon thinly.
  • Put the lemon slices and cabbage in a saucepan.
    Pour in four glasses of water.
  • Once the ingredients are completely cooked, simmer them for ten minutes over low heat.
  • When you’re finished, turn off the heat and see a change in the a shade of yellow.
  • To the mixture, add a package of parsley (or cilantro).
  • Allow the parsley to steep for half an hour with the saucepan well covered.
  • After that, strain the blend.
  • This mixture keeps for 4 days, however you may make more if you’d like. It keeps for up to seven days when kept in the refrigerator in a glass container.


  • Two cups should be consumed daily to have the best effects. Before breakfast and before supper, sip on a little warm cup. If you’d like, you may add some honey to make it sweeter.
  • Results: You’ll see a distinct improvement from the first night onward, including a toned, smaller tummy that doesn’t droop. Get a figure that is elegant and well-shaped without resorting to drastic diets or work out. Even if you have a bigger stomach, the elixir works its magic as you sleep, melting away stored fat and giving you a flat tummy.
  • Ensured Outcomes: Observe positive outcomes from the outset of usage. This easy recipe promises to help you lose 10 kg in only one week, but it does need some work.

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