Freshen Up Your Refrigerator with Used Coffee Grounds

Freshen Up Your Refrigerator with Used Coffee Grounds

Hi everyone! I have an amazing tip that can not only improve your life but also quickly make your refrigerator smell better. So stay tuned to the very end because I have a very special surprise for you!

Here are the supplies you’ll need to get started:
A container—any kind will do—even one made of plastic

used coffee grounds (as opposed to discarding them)
Let’s get started with the recipe now:

  1. Dry the Coffee Grounds: After the spent coffee grounds have been used up, place them outside to dry fully. This step is crucial to ensuring that our amazing recipe works as intended.
  2. Get the Combination Ready: Approximately 4 tablespoons of coffee powder should be taken once the coffee grounds are dry. Don’t worry about measuring exactly—trust your instincts. Sip on your preferred alcohol (any kind would do) and combine 4 tablespoons of alcohol with your coffee powder. Stir the ingredients thoroughly until it takes on the consistency of paste.
  3. Include a Zest of Lemon: Add a squeeze of lemon juice to the mixture. You can use any kind of lemon for it. I promise you, this recipe has so many health advantages it’s like finding a pot of gold!
  4. Eliminate Funky Odours: The exciting part is about to begin! Just put the mixture in the refrigerator’s corner and let it do its magic to get rid of any odours, be they from veggies, meat, or anything else. Bid adieu to musty smells and welcome to a crisp refrigerator.
    But there’s still more! Not only does this simple and quick DIY recipe help cut down on trash, but it also freshens up your refrigerator. Everyone wins in this scenario!


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