Hard Boiled Eggs to Have Perfect Peels

Hard Boiled Eggs to Have Perfect Peels Are you getting the willies from peeling hard-boiled eggs? You are not alone in this common kitchen situation. Hard-boiled eggs are a popular and nutritious snack even if peeling them is a filthy task due to their tightly sticking shells. But don’t worry! Jacques Pépin, the renowned French chef, cookbook author, and television broadcaster, has a clever method for simplifying the process of peeling eggs.


When hard-boiled, the shells have a tendency to adhere to the egg white, breaking into small pieces and giving the eggs an unappealing appearance. However, Pépin’s method modifies the cooking process in a simple yet effective way. Is that the key to it all? Before putting the egg in the boiling water, make a small cut on its broad end.


This procedure may make it easier to remove the eggshell since the air pocket inside the egg gradually releases while it cooks. When the air pocket remains trapped, the white sticks to the shell and peeling becomes more challenging. When you release this air, the eggshell will slide off smoothly and easily.


  • It doesn’t take any specialised tools to drill this small hole. A simple pin or thumbtack would suffice.
  • Carefully puncture the broad end of the eggshell to make a hole that is big enough to allow air to escape without breaking the egg. Once the hole is formed, just boil the egg. The air pocket is eliminated while cooking, which facilitates peeling.
  • Because it doesn’t require any specialised equipment or training, this method is ideal for both seasoned chefs and novice cooks. This is a lifesaver for busy mornings when you still want a high-protein snack or breakfast.
  • A hard-boiled egg can have its shell removed with ease using Pépin’s method, revealing a perfectly formed white egg inside. By employing this technique, you may elevate your cooking skills to a professional level and accelerate and clean up the peeling process.
  • Therefore, the next time you wish to create hard-boiled eggs, remember Jacques Pépin’s straightforward yet extremely helpful advice. Only a small hole in the eggshell can enhance your salads, snacks, and breakfasts, making a laborious task quick and simple.

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