How to Cook Red Cabbage: A Quick, Easy, and Healthy Side Dish

How to Cook Red Cabbage: A Quick, Easy, and Healthy Side Dish

Are you trying to find a tasty yet easy method to include more veggies in your meals? Red cabbage is a great choice because it’s full of nutrients and adds a bright burst of color to your plate. This simple sautéing recipe for red cabbage is a great side dish to go with anything from roasted meats to vegetarian main courses.

Red cabbage advantages

Beyond its attractive appearance on your dinner plate, red cabbage has further uses. It is brimming with minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins—particularly C and K—that promote general health. Strong antioxidants called anthocyanins, which have been connected to decreased inflammation and heart health, are responsible for the rich color


  1. One medium-sized head of red cabbage
  2. Two tsp olive oil
  3. Diced or sliced two apples
  4. Half tsp balsamic vinegar
  5. To taste, add salt and pepper.
  6. tiny handful of freshly chopped parsley (to garnish)


  • Get the cabbage ready: Peel the outer leaves from the cabbage, then give it quick rinse before slicing it into thin strips.
  • Before slicing, good idea is to cut the cabbage into quarters and remove the core.
  • Warm up the oil: Heat the olive oil in big skillet or frying pan over medium heat. Healthy fats found in olive oil are not only flavorful but also good for heart health.
  • Cook the apples and cabbage: Stirring regularly, add the red cabbage to the pan and cook until it begins to become softer. This should take five minutes or so.
  • Stir in the cut apples, brown sugar (if using), and balsamic vinegar. The apples and cabbage will have a lovely richness from the caramelization caused by the sugar and vinegar.

Simmer and Season:

  • Add pepper and salt for seasoning. Once the apples and cabbage are soft and the cabbage is cooked, cover the skillet and simmer for ten to fifteen minutes.

Serve and garnish:

  • After cooking, add with chopped parsley for a flavorful, crunchy garnish.

Serving Ideas:

  • This meal of apple and red cabbage sautéed in butter is incredibly adaptable. To add more texture and taste, put it into a mixed salad or serve it with grilled chicken or pork chops. Additionally, it goes well with fish for a well-balanced, wholesome dinner.

In summary:

Adding some delicious and nutritious red cabbage to your dishes is a simple and quick method to make them more appealing. This dish is evidence that you can prepare a visually appealing and healthful side dish in a matter of minutes. Try it and relish the delicious flavors and health advantages it brings to the table!

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