How to Get Rid of Skin Tags: Banana and Apple Cider Vinegar Method

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags: Banana and Apple Cider Vinegar Method

Skin tags are benign growths that are common and can develop anywhere on the body. Although they normally don’t warrant worry, they can be bothersome or ugly. Thankfully, there’s no need to use pricey treatments to get rid of them. You can quickly remove skin tags by using basic, natural products like apple cider vinegar and banana. Here’s the method!

Why Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Banana Vinegar?
**1. Natural and Safe: Free of harsh chemicals and gentle on the skin, apple cider vinegar and bananas are both natural components.

**2. Effective: The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar aids in the breakdown of the skin tag’s tissue, resulting in its removal. The banana peel calms and shields the environment. skin.

**3. Simple to Use: Using supplies you probably already have in your kitchen, this easy-to-follow approach may be completed at home.


  1. One banana peel
  2. vinegar made from apples
  3. Cotton spheres
  4. Bandages using adhesive or medical tape


Get the banana peel ready:

Slice off a tiny piece of a fresh banana peel, just big enough to cover the skin tag.

Allow the cotton ball to soak:

A cotton ball should be completely submerged in apple cider vinegar.

Use the Cotton Ball:

Right on top of the skin tag, place the saturated cotton ball. Because apple cider vinegar might irritate nearby skin, take care not to get any on it.

Use banana peel to cover:

With the inside side of the banana peel facing down, place it over the skin tag and cotton ball.

Safe in Position:

The cotton ball and banana peel should be firmly in place using medical tape or an adhesive bandage. This guarantees that the medication remains on the skin tag all night.

Repetition Every Day:

Remove the treatment in the morning after leaving it on all night. Continue doing this every day for one to two weeks, or until the skin tag comes off.

Benefits of This approach: Painless and Non-Invasive: For those who prefer natural therapies, this approach is a perfect choice because it is mild and non-invasive.

Cost-effective: Compared to purchasing over-the-counter remedies or seeing a dermatologist, using banana peel and apple cider vinegar is far less expensive.

Minimal Side Effects: If apple cider vinegar isn’t used to skin that is healthy, the There is little chance of inflammation.

Extra Advice
Be patient: It may take some time for natural therapies to start working. If you want to see results, stick with the regimen for a week or longer.

Preserve Surrounding Skin: Before administering the therapy, dab the affected area with petroleum jelly if you feel any discomfort.

See a Doctor: See a medical practitioner if you are concerned or if the skin tag appears to be infected.

In summary
Skin tag removal doesn’t have to be difficult. You can safely and successfully remove skin tags at home with this easy banana peel and apple cider vinegar mixture. This natural cure is inexpensive, simple to apply, and kind to skin. Try it out. and quickly have smoother, tag-free skin!

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