How to Make Cold Pressed Avocado Oil at Home

How to Make Cold Pressed Avocado Oil at Home

How to Make Cold Pressed Avocado Oil at Home Overview In addition to its flavour, avocado oil is prized for its adaptability and health advantages. It is an excellent complement to any cuisine, being high in vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Producing cold-pressed avocado oil at home can be a satisfying and surprisingly easy task. Here’s how to use fresh avocados for it.

Selecting Avocados To start, you’ll need ripe avocados. The avocados should be firm yet give slightly under gentle pressure. This ensures they’re at peak oil content, which is crucial for producing the most oil.

Preparing the Avocados

  1. Wash and Dry: To start, give the avocados a good wash to get rid of any external contaminants. Dry them off using a fresh towel.
  2. Cut the avocados in half, then scoop out the pits. The pits can be saved for other applications, such as planting an avocado tree.
  3. Scoop and Mash: Using a spoon, remove the meat, then mash it smooth with a fork or potato masher.

Removing the Lubricant The cold pressing technique helps preserve the nutritious value of avocado oil by extracting the oil without the use of heat.

  1. To wrap the mashed avocado, spread it out over a nut milk bag or piece of clean, thin cheesecloth.
  2. Press the Avocado: Gather the cheesecloth’s edges and press it against a basin. You’ll have to exert a significant amount of force. Water and avocado oil will mix to form the liquid that emerges.
  3. To separate the oil, leave the mixture in a cold area for approximately 24 hours. Because oil has a lower density than water, it will naturally separate from the water and ascend to the top.
  4. Skim the Oil: Take great care to remove the oil’s surface layer and transfer it to a sanitised, airtight container.

Storing Your Avocado Oil Store your homemade avocado oil in a dark, cool place to preserve its freshness nutritious value and freshness. It can be applied as a moisturiser for skin and hair, cooked at moderate temperatures, and added to salad dressings.


In summary In addition to being less expensive, making your own cold-pressed avocado oil at home is also a better option than store-bought oils, which could include additives. With this method, you can be confident that the final result is pure and free of chemicals, and you also get to enjoy making something useful from the beginning. Happy putting in the work!


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