Just Add Olive Oil to the Milk You’ll Be Amazed! Recipe in 5 Minutes

Just Add Olive Oil to the Milk! You’ll Be Amazed! Recipe in 5 Minutes

Olive oil and milk together may seem strange, but this straightforward combination may produce a tasty and nourishing treat that you can prepare in five minutes. This combination offers several health advantages in addition to a distinctive flavor. Here’s how to prepare this tasty and unexpected beverage.

Why Olive Oil and Milk?

**1. Packed with Nutrients: Milk and olive oil are both rich in vital nutrients. Milk offers calcium, protein, and vitamins; olive oil is rich in antioxidants and good fats.

**2. Enhanced Flavor: The creamy sweetness of milk is complemented by the mildly spicy, smooth flavor of olive oil, which results in a distinctive and pleasing flavor.

**3. Health Benefits: This concoction can enhance digestion, promote heart health, and produce a calming beverage. that works well for all hours of the day.


  1. One cup of milk, either plant-based or dairy
  2. One-third cup extra virgin olive oil
  3. One teaspoon of maple syrup or honey (optional; adds sweetness)
  4. A dash of nutmeg or cinnamon (optional; adds flavor)


Heat the milk.

Transfer the milk into a little saucepan and gently heat it over a low flame. Alternatively, you can microwave the milk for one to two minutes, just long enough to warm it up without boiling it.

Include olive oil:

Stir in the tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil when the milk has warmed up. Blend thoroughly until the oil is completely combined.

Taste and Sweeten (Optional):

A teaspoon of honey or maple syrup can be added if you’d like your drink to be sweeter. For a while

Add a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon for extra spiciness. Mix thoroughly to blend.


Transfer the blend into a cup and savor your warm, comforting beverage right away.

Extra Advice

  • Cold Version: Try this drink cold for a cool twist. Just whisk together sweeteners, olive oil, and chilled milk; pour onto ice.
  • Smoothies: To add more taste and nutrition, add this mixture to your favorite smoothie recipes.
  • Cooking: To lend a thick and velvety texture to creamy soups or sauces, use this combination as a basis.

Advantages of Olive Oil and Milk for Heart Health: Olive oil’s heart-healthy fats can lower bad cholesterol and promote heart health.

Bone Health: Milk contains a lot of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones. as well as teeth.

Digestive Health: Olive oil has been shown to support a healthy digestive tract, which helps alleviate constipation and enhance gut health in general.

In summary
In only five minutes, you can make a surprisingly tasty and healthful drink by mixing olive oil with milk. You may have this simple mixture warm or cold, sweetened or spiced to your taste, and it offers several health advantages. Try this simple recipe and you’ll be wowed by its distinct flavor and added nutritious value. Savor this delicious dessert and add a new favorite to your daily regimen.

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