Keep Garlic Intact for 1 Year! Few People Know This Secret—It’s Just the Bomb

Keep Garlic Intact for 1 Year! Few People Know This Secret—It’s Just the Bomb

Although it can be difficult to keep fresh for extended periods of time, garlic is a kitchen essential that gives amazing taste to a number of recipes. How would you feel if I told you there was a way to preserve garlic for up to a year? It’s easier than you may imagine, and it guarantees that you will always have fresh garlic available. This is the best way to preserve garlic so you can savor its strong flavor all year long.

The Key to Proper Garlic Storage

1. Select the Correct Garlic Begin with firm, new bulbs. Steer clear of garlic that feels soft to the touch or that has started to sprout. Garlic keeps longer when it is fresher.

2. Maintain Dryness

  • Fresh garlic is weakened by moisture. In order to avoid sprouting and mold,
  • Keeping your garlic dry is essential. Keep it out of the direct sun and moisture, and store it somewhere with good ventilation.

3. Employ a Basket or Mesh Bag

  • Store your garlic in a mesh bag, basket, or even a paper bag. Good air circulation is made possible by these choices, which keeps the garlic dry. Steer clear of sealed containers and plastic bags since they retain moisture and can lead to the rotting of garlic.

4. Keep it cold and dark.

  • The best way to keep garlic is in a cool, dark spot. It is best to keep a pantry or cabinet away from the stove and other heat sources. Ideally, the temperature should remain steady between 60 and 65°F (15 and 18°C).

5. Steer clear of refrigeration

  • Although putting garlic in the refrigerator can seem like a good idea, this can
  • actually shorten its shelf life and promote sprouting. For optimal effects, keep your garlic at room temperature.
  • The Bomb Method: Using Olive Oil to Store Garlic
    Garlic can be preserved more flavorfully by being kept in olive oil. This method adds a wonderful garlic flavor to the oil while also preserving the garlic.


  • Peel the Garlic: Take the cloves off of the bulb and carefully remove the skin.
  • Clean, sterile glass jars with tight-fitting lids are ideal for sterilization.
  • Add Garlic and Oil: Pack the jar with the peeled garlic cloves and completely cover them with olive oil.
  • Seal and Store: Place the jar in the refrigerator after firmly sealing it. Utilize inside a month to lower your chance of botulism is an uncommon yet dangerous disease.
  • Bonus Tip: Infuse your cooking oil with garlic to give your food a delicious garlic taste.
  • Benefits of Appropriate Garlic Storage: Purchasing garlic in bulk and keeping it correctly can result in long-term cost savings.
  • Convenience: It is really convenient to have fresh garlic on hand anytime you need it.
  • Enhanced Flavor: Garlic that has been preserved properly keeps its flavor and strength, which adds flavor to your food.

In summary
Retaining fresh garlic for a full year is surprisingly simple. You may enjoy this kitchen staple year-round by selecting the correct garlic, keeping it dry, and storing it in a cool, dark spot. Additionally, try the olive oil approach for an even stronger flavor. This This easy hack will alter your life by guaranteeing that you always have tasty, fresh garlic on hand. Try it out and observe how it improves your cooking!

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