negative energies in your home

negative energies in your homeHow to detect negative energies in your home with salt water and vinegar

If you notice that the environment in your house is becoming less friendly, it may be an indication that bad energy is about. This change has the power to transform a calm haven into a tense, dark place. People we deal with, the past of our homes, or even specific objects that retain negative energy can all be sources of negative vibes.

When sensitive people enter a room, they may experience a wide range of feelings, from joy to a tense uneasiness. An historic or previously inhabited house could still have the energetic imprints of its former occupants, which would affect the atmosphere today.

Maintaining Positive Energy in Your Home

Our houses are havens where we experience the highs and lows of life; they are reflections of our inner selves. We may be who we really are there, free from criticism from others. Thus, keeping our homes free of bad energy is essential to preserving a happy, healthy atmosphere. Here are some methods to encourage the flow of positive energy:

Establish a Positive Intention: Say positive phrases like “Welcome positivity, farewell negativity” as you greet your house.

Ventilate: To bring in fresh, positive air and release negative energy, open your windows frequently.

Sage Smudging: Burning sage is a Cheyenne cultural practice that helps dispel negative energy.

Declutter: By clearing up physical clutter, removing extraneous items helps improve the flow of positive energy.


An Easy Way to Get Rid of Negative Energy

A simple remedy for anyone trying to get rid of bad energy in their houses is vinegar, salt, and water. This remedy uses the energy-absorbing properties of coarse salt combined with the purifying effects of vinegar.


  1. Two teaspoons of vinegar (white)
  2. coarse-grain salt
  3. A half-liter of purified water



  1. Get the solution ready: Combine the vinegar, salt, and water in a big, clear glass and stir for one minute.
  2. Placement: Put the glass in a room that gets a lot of use in your house.
  3. Observation: Give it a day without touching it. If the salt becomes visible, it means that negative energy has been absorbed.
  4. Repeat: You might want to think about setting up extra glasses in other rooms for a more complete cleaning.
  5. Cleaning Up Your Body
  6. Baths with sea salt are well known for their cleansing qualities, making them perfect for body and home purification.

Regarding a Soaking Bath:


  1. 250g of sea salt and baking soda each.

Prepare the ingredients by adding the baking soda and sea salt to a bathtub filled with lukewarm water.

Duration: For a restorative effect, soak for twenty minutes prior to going to bed.

This easy-to-use yet powerful method of dispelling bad energy can make your house a calm, happy place that improves your general wellbeing.

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