Using Salt to Reduce Humidity in Cars
As a natural dehumidifier, a glass of salt placed inside your car helps to eliminate extra moisture and stop condensation on the windows. The ideal location for this? The cup holder in your car.

To maximise the effects, mix charcoal and salt. For best effects, put these components in a plastic container, cover with a sock, and place it beneath the seat or next to the air vents.

Alternative to Salt

While salt is a readily available remedy for moisture in cars, there are more efficient ways as well:

Newspapers: You may assist absorb moisture in your automobile by laying newspapers on the floor.

Silica Gel: To counteract humidity, silica gel balls, which are frequently included in tiny sachets with new purchases, can be wrapped in a cloth and left on the dashboard.
In conclusion, reducing car humidity in the winter doesn’t call for pricey devices or intricate methods. During the winter months, common household materials like silica gel, salt, charcoal, and newspapers can offer practical solutions that will make driving safer and more comfortable.

Tips adapted From :Foody Bloger