Remove grease from ovens and air fryers in 10 minutes with ‘all-natural’ homemade cleaner

Remove grease from ovens and air fryers in 10 minutes with ‘all-natural’ homemade cleaner

Grease stains from ovens and air fryers can be among the trickiest things to clean in the kitchen, but fortunately, a specialist has developed a natural remedy to greatly simplify the process.
It can be really frustrating to clean the grease from your oven or air fryer because it normally requires a lot of scrubbing and time to fully remove.
A cream cleaner is one easy technique to soften grease stains so they come off more easily, but occasionally it contains bleach or other harsh chemicals that many people don’t want in the areas where they are preparing food.

Instead, you can create your own DIY cream cleanser at home using basic ingredients and the help of eco-friendly cleaning specialist Emma Reed.

that you probably already own around your house or can buy with ease.

“Making my own cleaning products is just a part of my routine,” Emms stated. I no longer walk through the aisles of cleaning supplies in stores, I’m not taken in by advertisements, and I don’t miss the fragrance of chemicals in my house.
baking soda


  1. boiled water that has cooled
  2. Dish soap or Castile soap
  3. This easy-to-make cleaning solution’s primary component is baking soda, which readily absorbs and removes oil off surfaces.
  4. Grease and oil are acidic, but baking soda is alkaline, so it can neutralize the acidity of grease. Due to its powdered structure, baking soda can also function as a light abrasive to break
  5. reduce and soften the grease, facilitating its removal.
  6. Vegetable or coconut oil is typically used to make castile soap, which has the ability to emulsify grease and break it down when combined with water. If you are unable to purchase castile soap, normal dish soap can be used as a substitute.


  • About 230g of baking soda, 4 teaspoons of castile soap, and 8 tablespoons of boiled, cooled water should be added to a bowl.
  • Blend until smooth, adding a little more water if it seems too thick and extra baking soda if it feels too runny.
  • Your cleaning cream is ready to use once you pour it into an airtight container. Just use it on your air fryer, oven, or any other dirty surface and The grease may be removed with ease.
  • Emma stated: “I use a cloth or reusable sponge to apply my cream cleaner.” Apply a small amount of the cleaner to the surface of your choice after dampening the cloth.
  • As soon as you thoroughly work it in, you’ll notice how easily filth and grime are removed. After finishing, you can just rinse it off. Then, polish the taps and plug holes with a soft cloth or some white vinegar.
  • “This is honestly one of the best cleaners I have ever used,” she continued. “I use it on skirting boards, doors, sinks, bathrooms, marks on walls, and so on.” Using it anywhere in the house is safe.


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