Say Goodbye to Dirty Toilets with Salt!

Say Goodbye to Dirty Toilets with Salt!

It’s difficult to keep your bathroom clean, especially when it comes to the toilet. A lot of cleaning products have strong chemicals in them that can damage ceramic and perhaps be harmful to your health. But fear not—salt, a straightforward and practical remedy, is concealed in your kitchen cupboard!

A Low-Cost Cleaning Solution

Making your own salt-based cleaning solution is inexpensive and simple. This is a short recipe to get you going:


  1. One hundred grams of salt



  • Transfer one kilogram of salt into a bowl.
  • Wet a sponge or piece of cloth, then submerge it in the salt solution.
  • Toilet bowl interiors should be scrubbed, with special attention to any unclean or discolored parts.
  • After a while, let the salt rest. minutes to do its magic.
  • Lastly, flush the toilet to remove any remaining material and reveal a spotlessly clean bowl.
  • The Magic of Salt: Due to its natural cleaning characteristics, salt is a very powerful stain and grime remover. Ceramic surfaces and other sensitive surfaces are safe thanks to its powerful yet soft nature. It’s also reasonably priced and easily accessible, which makes it a great substitute for costly cleaning supplies.
  • So remember Grandma’s advice and pick up some salt the next time you have to use a dirty toilet. Get ready to be astounded by the outcome and pleased with your immaculately clean bathroom!

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