Secret Tricks with Garlic

Secret Tricks with Garlic That Few People Know  How to Peel 38 Cloves in 38 Seconds!

Due to its amazing flavor and several health advantages, garlic is a common ingredient in many kitchens worldwide. Garlic peeling, however, can be a laborious process. How about if I told you that in just 38 seconds, you could peel 38 cloves? These are some lifesavers and insider tips that will make handling garlic a breeze!

Reasons to Adore Garlic
Let’s take a moment to recognize why garlic is such a superfood before getting into the hacks:

Flavor Bomb: Gives food a mouthwatering, savory taste.

Health Benefits: Contains natural antibacterial qualities and is rich in antioxidants.

Versatility: Excellent with practically any meal, including Asian and Italian.

  1. The Ultimate Method for Peeling Garlic Requirements:
  2. One garlic bulb
  3. Two sizable glass or metal bowls

Methodical Guide:

Split the Bulb: To begin, split the garlic bulb into separate cloves. Peeling the skin is not necessary at this point.

Shake It Up: Transfer the cloves of garlic, still peel on, to a bowl. To create a dome, invert the second bowl and set it on top of the first.

Shake Vigorously: For 20 to 30 seconds, hold the two bowls firmly together and shake them ferociously. The skins should come loose with sufficient force in the motion.

Verify Your Cloves: When you open the bowls, the garlic bulbs will be mostly peeled! A gentle massage should remove any leftover skins with ease.

Extra Garlic Tips Microwave Tricks:

Put an entire bulb of garlic in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds. As the skins relax, peeling will become easier. wind.

Peel and roll:

Roll the cloves back and forth between your palms or on a silicone surface. The skins will come off with the aid of friction.

Smash and Seize:

Put a clove under the knife’s flat side and quickly mash it. This process releases the oils from the garlic and intensifies its flavor, plus it will easily peel off the skin.

Storage Advice: Keep Peeled Garlic in the Refrigerator: Keep peeled garlic cloves in a jar with olive oil. This preserves their freshness and allows you to cook with the oil.

Freeze for Later: For longer storage, peel the cloves and freeze them in a single layer on a baking sheet before putting them in a freezer bag.


Why These Tricks Are Time-Saving: The time and effort required to peel garlic are significantly reduced by using these tips.

Convenience: If you prepare garlic in large quantities, it will always be ready for any dish.

Enhanced Flavor: When compared to store-bought pre-peeled garlic, freshly peeled garlic has a stronger flavor. With these exclusive tips, peeling garlic won’t ever be a source of anxiety for you again. Garlic is an essential element in the kitchen. Take advantage of the health benefits and rich flavors of garlic without the trouble of cooking!

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