With warmer days ahead, I swear by this trick to getting rid of all the flies, mosquitoes, and bugs

With warmer days ahead, I swear by this trick to getting rid of all the flies, mosquitoes, and bugs

Although they may be an irritation throughout the year, pests like flies and mosquitoes are more prevalent during the warmer months. Strong chemicals used in commercial insect traps and repellents can be harmful to kids, pets, and the environment.

If you’d rather take a safer and greener route, you may make your own traps using items found about the house. These easy-to-assemble DIY traps are made using common home objects that are secure for usage with kids and animals. This article will teach you how to create a fly and mosquito trap at home using just three everyday objects.


Provisional goods

  1. vinegar, one cup measurement
  2. 1/4 cup of olive oil
  3. one-fourth cup of
  4. shampoo and your preferred scent
  5. a shallow or oval plate
  • Step 1: Gather Required Items: In the tiny bowl, combine the vinegar and shampoo. Stir the vinegar and shampoo together to ensure they are thoroughly mixed.
  • Add the olive oil. Gradually pour in the olive oil into the basin. As the liquid rises to the top, a thin layer of oil ought to accumulate on the surface.
  • Set Up the Trap: Position the basin in an area where a lot of flies or mosquitoes are frequently seen. Any damp areas, including those around windows or doors, might be a possibility.

The Method:

Vinegar is a great bait for flies and mosquitoes because of its strong and tasty scent. Especially successful is

apple cider vinegar due to its natural fermenting qualities, which attract these insects.

Entrapment: The shampoo in the mixture reduces the surface tension of the vinegar, making it easier for insects to sink when they attempt to land on its surface.

The olive oil creates a slick layer on top of the mixture. Fly and mosquito suffocation caused by the oil occurs as they enter the trap, especially through the holes in the plastic wrap, making it difficult for them to escape.


You may use this trap anywhere in the house without fearing harm to your children or pets. Put it somewhere out of reach, though, if spills are a concern.

If the mixture in the trap fills up too much, or if you check

It is recommended that you replace it every few days.

Setting Up: The best place to put up the trap is somewhere warm and shaded where flies and mosquitoes congregate.

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