5 Air Fryer Secrets

5 Air Fryer Secrets

We now always have an air fryer on our worktops and use it to cook a variety of foods, including broccoli, chicken breasts, and gnocchi.

It cooks food fast and provides it a texture that is delightfully crunchy. After using an air fryer for three years, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered—things I wish I had known from the beginning!

1. Quit smoking

  • Cooking foods with higher fat content, such as bacon, chicken thighs, and wings, might cause smoking because the grease will collect in the basket. There are two ways you can avoid this:
  • Put the bread in the base, behind the basket; this collects and absorbs the fat and greatly reduces smoke.
  • You may put the air fryer next to an open window or under the range hood for food that will just smoke.

2. I Love Vegetables

The most popular use for an air fryer is to prepare crispy fried foods like fried chicken or french fries. But don’t undervalue the incredible results that the air fryer can achieve with veggies—from roasted carrots to caramelized Brussels sprouts, they turn golden and crispy.


The hot air circulated by the air fryer cooks food. This aids in drawing moisture from the exterior of your food, while it occasionally dries out some foods. In this instance, I suggest misting with oil two to three minutes before to the dish being scheduled to be taken out of the fryer. In addition to helping the food crisp up, this helps the outside of the meal retain moisture.

Apply this technique to:

  • Salmon patties cooked in the air (coming soon)
  • French fries cooked in an air fryer 4. Light food is disastrous
  • I’m sorry to say that the kale chips and apple chips I had high hopes for using my air fryer to produce turned out to be terrible recipes. The air fryer’s turbulent air caused the apple chips to blow everywhere, making it hard to keep them in a single layer, and the kale chips to get burned inside the motor.
  • This is my experience with the air fryers I own, but you might be able to cook these recipes in other models as well.

5. Certain Models Might Be Too Tiny For Specific Recipes

  • I used to cook in a basket-style Phillips air fryer (like this one) for two years, but it was simply too small for several recipes. For instance, air fryer chicken fajitas or french fries would need to be cooked in many batches, which was not practical.
  • Your best option for larger quantities that must be cooked in single layers is an oven-style air fryer. Our Instant Pot Vortex air fryer oven is something we recently purchased, and we adore it!


  • These are the “secrets” about air fryers that I have discovered over the years!
  • Have you got one that I haven’t listed? Tell me everything in a comment section below!

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