air fryer beef kabobs

air fryer beef kabobs

Are you ready for a tasty and simple air fryer recipe? These kabobs of beef are ideal for an easy evening supper. The best part is that you can throw the skewers in the dishwasher and almost never have to clean up! Serve with quinoa or rice and a green vegetable for a filling and healthful supper.


  • The versatility of this dish is one of its best features. Any vegetable that is in season can be included, and it will still turn out beautifully. Among my top picks for adaptations are:
  • Cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, red bell peppers, and mushrooms
  • Add fresh fruit, such as pineapple, watermelon, pears, or apples, especially during the summer.
  • Alternate proteins such as shrimp, fish, chicken, steak, etc.
  • For a spicy touch, sprinkle some red pepper flakes on top.
  • Soy sauce can be substituted with Worcestershire sauce.
  • You can just prepare vegetable kabobs without the protein if you’re a vegetarian.


Kabobs of steak:

  1. One-pound beef tenderloin,
  2. three tablespoons olive oil,
  3. and four minced garlic cloves
  4. One tsp black pepper
  5. three tsp of soy sauce
  6. Two bell peppers, medium
  7. One huge red onion

Sauce Teriyaki:

  1. half a cup of water
  2. two tsp cornstarch
  3. half a cup of soy sauce
  4. half a cup rice wine
  5. One tablespoon of sesame oil
  6. One-half tablespoon of hoisin sauce
  7. One tsp of ginger paste
  8. half a tablespoon of finely chopped garlic
  9. One tsp red pepper flakes
  10. half a teaspoon of pepper, black


  • In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together olive oil, soy sauce, pepper, and garlic cloves. Chop tenderloin into 1-inch segments. After adding the meat, marinade it for two hours.
  • Make the sauce teriyaki. Stir cornstarch into water until dissolved. Transfer cornstarch mixture to a saucepan and add other ingredients; heat over medium heat. Cook for about ten minutes, or until thickened.
  • Soak skewers of bamboo in water.
  • From the marinade, remove the tenderloin. Dice onions and peppers into large pieces. Alternately skewer meat, onions, and peppers
  • Set the air fryer to 390° for five minutes.
  • Put the steak kabobs in a single layer within the air fryer basket. Cook for ten minutes, turning halfway through.
  • Apply some teriyaki sauce to the steak. Serve with leftover and garnish with sesame seeds.

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