air fryer bratwurst

air fryer bratwurst

Presenting the Air Fryer Bratwurst — A mouthwatering treat ideal for game day, summer cookouts, or even a cosy evening supper!

How to preserve any remaining air-fried brats

The brats should be kept at room temperature and sealed in an airtight container. The cooked brats keep for three to five days. Cooked brats should be stored apart.

Simple Side Dishes To Present:

Serve your air-fried brats with Air Fyrer Pizza Rolls, Air Fyrer Carrots, and Air Fyrer Green Beans.


  1. Six uncooked bratwursts Directions


  • Set your air fryer to 180°C/360°F. This will guarantee that when you put the bratwurst inside, it will be hot and ready.
  • If preferred, sprinkle or brush the bratwurst with a tiny bit of frying oil. This is optional, however it can improve the bratwurst’s crispness.
  • Pack the air fryer basket with the bratwurst sausages. To ensure adequate air circulation, make sure they are not in contact with one another.
  • The bratwurst should be cooked in the preheated air fryer for ten to fifteen minutes, rotating them halfway through. Depending on, the precise cooking time may change.
  • the model of your air fryer and the thickness of the sausages.
  • You may also put the buns in the air fryer for the final two to three minutes of the bratwurst cooking process to warm them up and lightly toast them.
  • After the bratwurst are cooked to your preferred crispness and the buns are reheated, take them out of the air fryer with caution.
  • To assemble your bratwurst sandwiches, put the cooked sausages inside the toasted buns and top with your favorite sauces and toppings.
  • Enjoy your delicious air-fried bratwurst sandwiches!

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