Air Fryer Cheesy Ranch Potatoes Recipe

Air Fryer Cheesy Ranch Potatoes Recipe

This recipe for Cheesy Ranch Potatoes in the Air Fryer is a fantastic side dish option. Air-fried potatoes with ranch seasoning and melted cheese on top. These air fryer-cooked potatoes are comfort food at its best.

Do you need a simple, quick side dish? These Cheesy Air Fryer Potatoes are the answer. The inside of them is fluffy and the outside is crunchy. As if having perfectly cooked potatoes wasn’t enough, these potatoes also have mozzarella sprinkled on them and are briefly broiler-baked.



  1. One pound of baby Yukon gold potatoes,
  2. two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  3. two teaspoons of ranch seasoning
  4. one teaspoon each of garlic powder, pepper, and kosher salt,
  5. one and a half cups of shredded mozzarella cheese
  6. one tablespoon each of grated parmesan
  7. and one tablespoon each of chopped fresh parsley



  1.  Cut potatoes in half and combine with ranch dressing, extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, pepper, and salt.
  2. Put the seasoned potatoes in the basket of the air fryer. Shake every five minutes while air-frying at 390 degrees for fifteen minutes.
  3. Arrange potatoes on a baking pan in a single layer. Add a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese. Cheese should melt after two minutes under the grill.
  4. Take out of the oven and top with parsley and parmesan cheese. Serve right away.


Cover potatoes with foil for easy cleanup. Just watch out not to cover the basket all the way.



For some great meatiness, sprinkle some crumbled bacon on top.

You can vary the cheeses as well. Try adding some pepper jack or cheddar cheese. Just be certain that it melts easily!


Alternate the spice mixtures to fit your current cravings. Do you want something hot and spicy? Give a cajun spice blend a try. Alternately, use taco spice and shredded cheddar to make a taco variation. or a pepperoni and Italian flavour pizza variant. There are countless options!


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