Air fryer Creme Egg croissant rolls

Air fryer Creme Egg croissant rolls

The easiest 3-ingredient air fryer Creme Egg croissant rolls 

These adorable eggs with a concealed yellow centre made of fondant may be transformed into an entertaining Easter treat with just three ingredients and a short cooking time. It’s as easy as wrapping Creme Eggs in puff pastry dough from the grocery and air-frying them until they are crispy and golden. I adore using my air fryer to make treats!

The flaky pastry is the ideal vehicle to hold the warm, oozy Creme Egg middle and provides you an exterior shell akin to a croissant. If you would rather, you can use caramel-filled eggs in place of the Creme Eggs.



Step One:

Cut each pastry sheet diagonally into quarters. Put one lightly beaten Creme 1 egg in the centre of each triangle of pastry. Enclose the 8 x 40g Cadbury Creme Eggs completely, making sure there are no holes, by rolling the 2 sheets of frozen puff pastry that have just thawed.
Step Two
Place a piece of baking paper into the air fryer basket. Half of the rolls should be placed in the basket, separated. Brush with the egg. Cook at 190C for 10-12 minutes or until golden (see note). Use tongs to carefully transfer rolls to a wire rack to cool slightly. Repeat with the remaining rolls and egg. Warm up and serve. Watch our step-by-step video below to see how to make these Air fryer Creme Egg croissant rolls.

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