air fryer garlic parmesan fries

air fryer garlic parmesan fries


Air fryer-made, homemade garlic parmesan fries are delicious! Nothing compares to discovering how to make air fryer garlic fries! With easy directions for using an air fryer, this is one of the best french fry recipes! So continue reading if you want a delicious meal that requires less oil and turns out flawlessly every time!


  1. One huge potato
  2. Half a teaspoon each of salt and black pepper
  3. One tablespoon of olive oil
  4. one tablespoon finely chopped garlic
  5. 1/2 tsp finely chopped parsley
  6. One cup of shredded Parmesan cheese



  1. Cut and peel the potato to make fries of the required size. After washing, put the potatoes in a big basin of cold water. You’re going to have some crispy fries after this! Use paper towels to pat dry your potatoes.
  2. After putting the fries in a mixing dish, treat them with oil spray or olive oil. Mix in the salt and pepper and stir until the fries are well covered.
  3. Fries should be placed in an air fryer basket and cooked at 370 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.
    As the fries cook, give them periodic shakes.
    Take out the fries. Garnish with parmesan cheese and garlic, then serve with parsley on top.



  1. Crispy Garlic Fries from an Air Fryer: Everyone enjoys crispy fries, but the secret is to coat each one with a thin film of olive oil. Just a tiny coating can help your French fries get crispier in the air fryer.
  2. Which Potatoes Are Best For French Fries Made in an Air Fryer? Russet potatoes are the ideal variety to use in the air fryer for French fries. Russet potatoes maintain their shape well, making them an excellent choice for Air Fryer French fries. Peeling or leaving the peel on is an option.
  3. Cleaning the Potatoes: Since they will crisp up so much better without water, make sure to wash and then dry them thoroughly.
  4. How Are French fries cut in an air fryer? A mandoline will cut the same size fries, so if you want to make the ideal French fry shape, get one. This is crucial because you want the fries to cook simultaneously on each side. It is made feasible by the mandoline because of its uniform cutting.


Just Why Soak Potatoes in French Fry Oil?

The majority of us had never used an air fryer to make deep-fried French fries. The debate about soaking versus not soaking is quite heated.

Although soaking the potatoes before making French fries aids in their crisping, I do not always have the time to do so. However, you must soak the potatoes for at least an hour in order to remove any excess starch. We all want our French fries to taste crispier, and it does just that.

In the event that you soak, please ensure the French fries are totally dry; otherwise, they will become quite moist.


How Are Air Fryer Fries Reheated?

Whether you want to reheat fast food or homemade French fries (I mean, who would throw them away?) is one of the most often topics I get asked.

Place them inside the air fryer basket, adjust the air fryer setting to 400 degrees F, and let them air fry for five to seven minutes.


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