air fryer sausage, egg and cheese breakfast slider

air fryer sausage, egg and cheese breakfast slider

These sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sliders made in an air fryer are delicious! This is one of the greatest breakfast recipes for an air fryer, if you’ve been searching!

Expert Advice

  • Here are some expert suggestions for air fryer breakfast sliders with sausage, egg, and cheese:
  • Choose the correct size buns: For breakfast sliders, mini slider buns are the ideal size. To make sure the buns will fit in your air fryer basket and hold all the ingredients, choose ones with a diameter of roughly two to three inches.
  • Sausage patties should be cooked separately. It’s best to cook them separately in the air fryer to ensure that they cook evenly and fully. Bake them for 8 to 10 minutes at 375°F, turning them over halfway through.
  • Eggs should be scrambled by whisking them with a little milk or cream and cooking them in a skillet over the stove. This guarantees that the eggs are cooked through and fluffy.
  • Add the cheese at the very last minute of air fryer cooking: Add it to the sliders to make sure it’s melted and gooey. By doing this, you can make sure the cheese melts perfectly and doesn’t burn or overheat.
  • You can consistently prepare mouthwatering and flawless air fryer breakfast sliders by keeping these pointers in mind!


  1. Twelve Hawaiian dinner rolls, also known as slider rolls
  2. 8–10 scrambled eggs
  3. Six pieces of cheddar cheese
  4. Six pieces of pepper jack cheese
  5. 5–6 fried breakfast sausages
  6. Melted 1/4 cup butter
  7. and two to three teaspoons maple syrup


  • Use the air fryer’s preheat or preheating setting button, or preheat the oven to 330 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes.
  • Cut the entire package of dinner rolls in half, then put the bottom half on a baking dish that is not as big as the air fryer oven or basket.
  • Spread cheddar cheese over the lower half of the dinner rolls.cheese. Place the sausage patties, pepper jack cheese, and scrambled eggs on top, then cover with the top half of the dinner rolls.
  • Melt the butter and the maple syrup together in small basin. Over the sliders’ tops, pour the mixture. Fry in the Air Minus five to seven minutes, or until cheese is melted. Add more maple syrup to the dish.

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