Air Fryer Chicken Thighs – Super Crispy

Air Fryer Chicken Thighs – Super Crispy

Take those skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs out of the fridge and prepare these crispy air fryer chicken thighs for tonight! You may have a tasty dinner that the whole family will enjoy in less than 30 minutes.

Dinner and the Main CourseFood: American 

Preparation Duration: five minutes

Cooking Time: 22 minutesTwentyseven minutes in total servings


  1. 4 Skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs that have been pared of extra skin and fat
  2. One-half tsp Kosher salt
  3. One-teaspooned paprika smoked
  4. One tsp powdered garlic
  5. One-half teaspoon of oregano
  6. A tsp of powdered onion



  • For five minutes, preheat your air fryer to 380°F. If preferred, apply cooking spray after preheating.
  • Transfer the chicken thighs to a lidded bowl or a sizable zip-top bag. Add the onion powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder, oregano, and kosher salt on top. To coat, shake well.
  • Take the chicken thighs out of the package and put them in the air fryer with the skin on.down, for a duration of 12 minutes.
  • After flipping the chicken thighs over, roast them for a further 10 to 15 minutes. Should you prefer your chicken thighs to be extremely crispy. To get the desired crispness, cook in increments of 4 minutes.
  • When an internal meat thermometer put into the thickest portion of the thigh reads 165F, the crispy air fryer chicken thighs are done. The size of your chicken thighs and the air fryer’s wattage will affect how long they take to cook. Assist.



THE BEST BANANA PUDDING RECIPE Made with custard, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, fresh bananas and Nilla wafers, this recipe for the best banana custard can be prepared without cooking!

A traditional Southern dish that has been enjoyed for generations is banana custard. Layers of vanilla custard, sliced bananas and Nilla wafers are combined to create this rich and delectable dessert, which is finished with whipped cream. Whether it’s served during a summer BBQ or a family get-together, it makes the ideal dessert. Take a spoon, then, and let’s go!

How does this pudding vary from a cooked banana pudding?

I’ve already posted a recipe for cooked southern banana custard on the website. The bananas’ propensity to brown quickly is the sole drawback to baked custard. You want to bring nice, non-brown bananas if you are bringing this to a potluck or picnic. Because the no-cook version travels well and serves up effortlessly, it’s perfect for potlucks and picnics where bananas keep fresher for longer.

Setup Time: twenty-five minutes
Twenty-five minutes in total
12 servings

Recipe By: Brandie Skibinski

  • 8 ounces of room temperature cream cheese
  • 14 ounces of condensed milk with added sweetness
  • 5 ounces of instant vanilla custard mix (bigger box)
  • Three cups of milk (2% or more)
  • Two tsp vanilla essence; an eight-ounce tub of
  • Thawed COOL WHIP whipped topping (separate use)
  • An 11-oz package of Nilla wafers (split use)
  • 5–7 bananas, cut into slices and peeled for separate usage.
  • Cream cheese should be beaten with an electric mixer on medium speed in a large bowl until it is creamy and fluffy.
  • Pour in the milk, vanilla custard mix, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla essence. Stir until thoroughly blended.
  • Incorporate half of the whipped topping lastly.
  • To layer: line the bottom of a big bowl, trifle dish or 9 x 13-inch baking dish with one-third of the Nilla wafers.
  • Arrange the banana slices in a single layer.
  • After that, cover all of the bananas with a third of the custard mixture.
  • Add two more layers after that.
  • Place the leftover whipped topping over top.
  • To allow the mixture to thicken and the wafers to soften, cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for at least one to two hours before serving.


  • Please be mindful of the custard you are purchasing. It cannot be “cook and serve,” but rather INSTANT. On store shelves, they are next to each other. Cook and Serve WON’T SUCCEED.
  • Additionally, confirm that the can of condensed milk you are collecting is sweetened and not evaporated milk. This dish won’t firm up and won’t have as much sweetness.
  • You can use vanilla custard flavour instead of banana cream custard flavour. As an alternative, vanilla extract can be replaced with banana extract.
  • Ensuring that the cream cheese is room temperature is crucial. If not, lumps will form and you won’t be able to get it extremely smooth.
  • Given that bananas naturally come in a variety of sizes, I would estimate 5-7 bananas, depending on the size of the bananas you buy. Although you should follow your own preferences, I like my banana custard to have a lot of fresh banana in it.

What is the shelf life of banana custard?

  • If kept in an airtight container, banana custard can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days. After preparing it, make sure to chill it right away. Note: The bananas will start to turn brown once you start eating the banana custard, so keep that in mind. Freezing is not something I advise.

Nutritional values: 458 kcal, 72 g of carbohydrates, 10 g of protein, 14 g of fat, 408 mg of sodium, 1 g of fibre, and 54 g of sugar.





Cheeseburger Quiche

Cheeseburger Quiche

Cheeseburger Quiche: Indeed, this is a delectable crustless quiche that combines all the best parts of a cheeseburger, according to Slimming World. Make this if you make anything at all!


  1. 350g (12.5oz) of exceptionally lean minced beef
  2. A quarter-tsp sea salt
  3. Use passata or ¾ cup (180ml) of smashed tomatoes.
  4. Two tablespoons of tomato paste (purée); if passata is being used, use three to four tablespoons.
  5. One tablespoon of sweetener in granule form
  6. One-half tsp onion powder
  7. A tsp of powdered garlic
  8. One teaspoon each of black pepper, salt, and paprika
  9. One-teaspooned Worcestershire sauce
  10. One large onion, cut into slices
  11. One cup (225g) of cottage cheese without fat
  12. Four big eggs
  13. 120g (4 oz) of Red Leicester cooking oil spray or cheddar cheese


  • Set oven temperature to 200°C or 400°F (gas mark 6).
  • Combine the sea salt and beef mince in a big bowl and stir to blend.
  • Spray oil can be used to grease a quiche plate. Then, add the meat mixture to the dish and press it down firmly to create a thin layer that covers the bottom.
  • Put in the oven and bake for ten minutes or so, or until just starting to brown. When cooked, the beef mixture will shrink on the base; nevertheless, this is to be expected since more layers will be added to cover it. Clean up any extra fluids that come out with a kitchen towel. Put aside.
  • Apply some spray oil to a frying pan, then add the onions and cook until they become tender and brown.
  • In a bowl, combine the crushed tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, sweetener, and salt and pepper.
  • In a blender, combine the cottage cheese, eggs, and half of the cheddar cheese; blend until smooth.
  • You can now begin stacking the subsequent levels.
  • Spread the tomato mixture over the meat layer with a spatula.
  • Pour in the cottage cheese mixture after adding the softened onions.
  • Sprinkle the remaining cheddar cheese on top.
  • Return to the oven and continue baking for about 30 minutes, or until the mixture is set and the cheese is melted and has a light golden hue on top.
  • Let it stand for ten minutes before to slicing.
  • Enjoy and pair with a side salad!

No Bake Lemon Cheesecake

No Bake Lemon Cheesecake

An very creamy and silky prepared without the use of artificial flavors, this No Bake Lemon Cheesecake is prepared using lemon zest and juice! It can withstand being chopped because of its firmness.



  1. ½ cup melted butter;
  2. 2 ¼ cups graham cracker crumbs (270g);


  1. 3 packages (24 oz or 750g total) of cream cheese whole fat
  2. 1 ½ cups powdered icing sugar
  3. cup heavy whipping cream (30-35% fat ONLY)
  4. 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (approximately 1 lemon)
  5. zest of 2 lemons (or just 1 if you prefer a softer flavor)
  6. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Using parchment paper to line a 9-inch Springform pan is optional, but it facilitates simple removal when it’s set.
  • Press the butter and graham cracker crumbs mixture into the pan that has been prepared, going approximately 1/2″ up the sides.
  • Using an electric mixer set to medium speed, whip the cream cheese in a large bowl until it becomes smooth.
  • Beat in the vanilla, lemon zest, juice, and powdered sugar until smooth.
  • Beat in the vanilla, lemon zest, juice, and powdered sugar until smooth.
  • Beat the heavy cream on high speed in a another medium-sized bowl until firm peaks form. Using a spatula, carefully fold the whipped cream and cream cheese together, being cautious not to deflate the cream.
  • If you want the filling to be sweeter or more lemony, taste it and add extra sugar or lemon zest.
  • After pouring filling onto crust, cover and chill for at least 6 hours, or better yet, overnight! Accompany with confectionery cream.

NOTE: Since the creation of this film, the recipe has undergone significant modifications.

White Almond Wedding Cake

White Almond Wedding Cake

A fantastic recipe for white wedding cake. This cake’s secret ingredient—sour cream—makes it incredibly moist, rich, and flavorful. Not only is this recipe a hit for wedding cakes, but I also use it for my kids’ birthday cakes. Doubling this recipe is not difficult.


  1. One package (15.25 ounces) of white cake mix
  2. One cup of flour for all purposes
  3. One cup of powdered sugar
  4. One-fourth teaspoon of salt
  5. One-half cup of water
  6. One cup of sour cream
  7. two tsp of vegetable oil
  8. One tsp almond extract
  9. One tsp vanilla essence
  10. Four beaten egg whites


  • Set the oven’s temperature to 325°F, or 165°C. Coat an 11 x 13-inch cake pan with oil and flour.
  • In a large bowl, thoroughly stir together white cake mix, flour, sugar, and salt. Add the water, sour cream, oil, vanilla, almond extract, and egg whites. Beat on low speed for 4 minutes, or until all the ingredients are combined and moistened but some lumps are still present.
  • Transfer the mixture into the ready-made cake pan.
  • A toothpick put into the center of the cake should come out clean after baking for about 25 minutes in a preheated oven, or until the top is a light golden brown. Before icing, let it cool.

Nutrition Information

(per serving)

211 Calories

35g Carbs

, 3g Protein

, and 7g Fat

Bisquick Cinnamon Rolls

Bisquick Cinnamon Rolls

Made at home, these Bisquick cinnamon rolls are simple, eggless, and require no yeast! Ready in less than an hour, perfectly tender, and perfect for a family breakfast. Get the recipe for these mouthwatering cinnamon rolls with our detailed instructions.


  1.  2 1/4 cups Bisquick mix FOR THE ROLLS
  2. two and a third cups buttermilk
  3. 1/4 cup softened butter for filling
  4. 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  5. two tsp of cinnamon
  6. 1/3 cup heavy cream, warmed, for soaking

Regarding the freezing:

  1. One cup of sugar powder
  2. One tablespoon of melted butter
  3. Half a teaspoon of extract from vanilla beans
  4. One spoonful of heavy cream


  • Preheat the oven to 375°F.
  • Apply cooking spray to pie plate or 8-inch round cake pan.
  • Mix Bisquick and buttermilk in medium-sized bowl until soft dough forms.
  • Dust the counter or pastry mat with flour.
  • On the floured board, lay out the dough using rolling pin into an by 12 inch rectangle.
  • After spreading softened butter over the whole thing, mix with cinnamon and brown sugar. Roll the dough jelly roll style, starting from the long end. Using sharp knife or dental floss, cut the dough into six equal pieces.
  • Put the rolls, cut side up, in the baking dish that has been oiled. Drizzle the rolls with warmed heavy cream.
  • Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the middle roll is cooked through and not sticky, in a preheated oven. To check if a center roll is finished, pull up on its edge. After 20 minutes, check the rolls. Continue baking them with a loose foil cover if they start to brown too much.
  • Mix the powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and cream in a small bowl. If additional cream is required to get the desired glaze consistency, drizzle it on. Drizzle the warm rolls with the glaze.

How to use an air fryer: 10 expert tips for beginners

You’re undoubtedly eager to start cooking, whether you got an air fryer on sale around Boxing Day or unwrapped one on Christmas morning.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your new gadget, though, it’s good reading up on a few things before you start tossing everything in.

This is all the information you need to air fry like a pro, then.

Using an air fryer: Initial steps

Are you prepared to use your air fryer for the first time? The essential stages for preparing your first meal are as follows.

. Configure it

After taking off all of the packaging, set your air fryer down on a spotlessly clean, level surface—ideally your kitchen bench. Make sure there is plenty of room around the edges. The instructions that came with your appliance should be able to tell you how much room your air fryer needs in order to perform safely. To protect your kitchen table surface and prevent heat damage, you might want to set your air fryer on a silicone trivet, heat-resistant board, or mat. Quartz, marble, and wooden counters are particularly susceptible to heat damage.

Get your food ready.

Naturally, this will change based on the specifics of what you want to cook. When frying fresh food, such as handmade chips or chicken wings, blot it dry and then lightly coat it with oil. Generally speaking, one kilogram of fresh food requires up to one tablespoon of oil. To cook a kilogram of chicken wings, for instance, pat the wings dry and then throw them in a tablespoon of oil along with your preferred seasonings before putting them in the fryer. You can toss frozen premade items straight into the air fryer and avoid using any oil at all while cooking with them.

Select your configuration.

To determine which setting to use, consult your handbook as each model has different possibilities.


You will need to take out the cooking drawer and shake it at least once while it’s cooking, unless your model has a rotating basket or is self-stirring (see more about this below).

5. Have fun

After cooking is complete, just take out the dish and serve. Keep in mind to give your appliance a thorough cleaning after each use; doing so will improve performance and perhaps lengthen its lifespan.

Professional advice for the best outcomes

1. Include an additional shake

The majority of air fryer models will tell you to shake the cooking basket once or twice while it’s cooking. However, our resident air fryer expert Fiona Mair says you should always add an additional shake.

“Definitely shake it more than advised if you want crispy, evenly browned results,” she advises.

2-Set out foil to make crumbed foods.

Fiona suggests using a specially made air fryer liner or a layer of foil before frying anything sticky or crumbed if your air fryer has a wire rack instead of a solid base. This makes cleaning easier and guarantees that the coating won’t rub off during the shaking procedure.

Just watch out that the foil doesn’t cover the basket’s base all the way because you want air to escape underneath the basket as well. Additionally, avoid covering the food with foil when it’s close to the fan and element.

3-Ignore the preheating (meat excluded).

You can put your food inside an air fryer without having to wait for it to heat up, which is one of its key benefits.

For products like chips and crumbed dishes, Fiona says you may skip the preheating step. However, she suggests that you let your air fryer heat up for approximately five minutes before adding uncrumbed meat slices to the cooking tray for better results.

4-Fill the drawer with water to cook fatty meals.

“When you’re cooking high-fat foods like chicken wings or bacon, grease can drip down into the tray causing mess and smells,” Fiona explains.

Before cooking, she advises placing a tiny amount of water to the drawer’s base (if the design permits) to prevent the fat from smoking. Or to avoid the mess, use a liner made especially for air fryers.

5-Steer clear of the dishwasher

Although the majority of air fryer manufacturers state that their baskets and other components can be cleaned in a dishwasher, Fiona advises hand washing instead.

“Putting them in the dishwasher will end up damaging the non-stick surface quite quickly, and hand washing is quick and easy anyway,” she explains.

6-Reheat leftovers with it.

Use your air fryer instead of a microwave to rapidly reheat small servings without sacrificing flavor or texture. Fiona suggests using an air fryer for pizza slices, as one CHOICE Community member uses it to reheat roast vegetables.

“A microwave will leave your leftover pizza soggy and unappetising – an air fryer will give you crispy, fresh-tasting leftovers in just a few minutes,” she claims.

7-Wipe it out

Even though cleaning up after a meal can be a hassle, it’s worthwhile to spend an extra minute cleaning your air fryer’s interior each time you use it.

“If you don’t clean it regularly unpleasant odours and extra smoking can occur when you cook,” Fiona warns. “Just wait till it cools down, then quickly wipe it down with a moist cloth.

Italian Pasta Salad

Italian Pasta Salad

An incredibly filling and revitalizing pasta salad! prepared with two kinds of cheese, fresh vegetables and herbs, smoked salami, soft pasta, and a zesty homemade Italian dressing.


  1. 16 ounces of dried rotini
  2. 10 ounces of firm salami, sliced 1/4-inch thick, chopped;
  3. 3 cups (16 ounces) grape tomatoes;
  4. 1 can (6 ounces) black olives, halved;
  5. 2 cups chopped bell peppers (yellow and green are my favorites).
  6. half a cup of finely chopped red onion
  7. 8 ounces of fresh mozzarella pearls;
  8. 3 ounces of freshly grated parmesan cheese
  9. half a cup of freshly chopped parsley
  10. 1/3 cup of freshly chopped basil


  1. One cup of olive oil
  2. 1/4 cup of newly squeezed lemon juice
  3. One teaspoon of dried oregano
  4. Two teaspoons of dijon mustard
  5. One teaspoon honey
  6. Two teaspoons of finely chopped garlic
  7. red pepper flakes, 1/2 teaspoon, or to according to taste
  8. Black pepper and salt that has just been ground


  • Cook pasta as directed on the package (I cook it in five quarts of water with a tablespoon of salt until it’s just about al dente). After draining the pasta, set aside 1/2 cup of water.
  • Pasta should be transferred right away to an 18 by 13-inch baking sheet with a rim, then spread out to cool for 15 minutes.
  • Chop ingredients and make dressing while pasta cooks and cools.
  • Olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, mustard, honey, garlic, and red pepper flakes are combined to make the dressing. Season with a little pinch of salt and then pepper to taste.
  • Pasta should be cooled before being combined with salami, tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, red onion, mozzarella pearls, parmesan, basil, and parsley in an extra-large bowl.
  • Mix the dressing one more, then add it to the bowl of ingredients along with 1/4 cup of pasta water. To coat evenly, toss well. If necessary, thin with additional pasta water and add extra salt to taste.
  • Serve immediately or refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours (or up to 3 days) for a cooler, crisper pasta salad.


  • If you are unable to acquire pearls of that size, you may use chopped fresh mozzarella in the shape of a log or ball in place of the pearls. Simply chop into little bits.
  • Grate parmesan cheese by cutting it into 1-inch bits and adding them to a food processor. Process until finely ground, about one minute.

Potato Broccoli Cheddar Crock Pot 🍲

Potato Broccoli Cheddar Crock Pot 🍲

Thick, creamy, and incredibly cheesy is how to describe Crock Pot Broccoli-Cheddar Potato Soup. This soup recipe for crock pot is simple and free of gluten!


  1. Four cups of thawed shredded hash browns;
  2. three cups of finely chopped broccoli florets;
  3. one cup of shredded carrots;
  4. one minced shallot (or half a small sweet onion);
  5. three cups of sodium-reduced chicken broth;
  6. four ounces (1/2 cup) of herbed cream cheese;
  7. and one cup of milk (2% fat or higher)
  8. salt and pepper;

eight ounces (one cup) of finely shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, plus extra for topping

  • Serves four to six.


1. Place the hash browns, broccoli, carrots, shallot, and chicken stock into a 6-quart crock pot. Stir everything together, cover, and cook on LOW for four to five hours, or until the broccoli is extremely soft.

Place the cream cheese, milk, and about one-third of the cooked veggies in a blender. Blend until extremely creamy, then return to the crock pot, cover, and cook for ten minutes on LOW.

3. Next, add 1/2 cup of Cheddar cheese to the soup and stir. Before adding the second 1/2 cup, make sure the cheddar has melted fully. Season to taste with salt and pepper, and serve. If desired, sprinkle a little extra grated Cheddar cheese over each serving.

Enjoy 🤗

Air Fryer Chicken Cordon Bleu

Air Fryer Chicken Cordon Bleu

The Air Fryer Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe made using  Air Fryer turned out perfectly! My kids and wife really enjoyed it! Air-fried to perfection, a chicken breast filled with gammon and Swiss cheese and covered with Panko bread crumbs. Fantastic!

Ten minutes for preparation
20 minutes for cooking
Thirty minutes in total
Serves four.
452 kcal of calories

Recipe By: fatherandus

Ingredients For Air Fryer Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe:

  1. Two substantial skinless, boneless chicken breasts
  2. Four pieces of Swiss cheese.
  3. Four slender gammon slices
  4. One beaten egg
  5. One and a half cups flour
  6. Panko Bread Crumbs, 1 cup
  7. Add the salt and pepper.

Instructions For Air Fryer Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe:

  • Set the Air Fryer’s temperature to 375°F.
  • Cut the chicken breasts lengthwise in half. Thus, you can unfold them like a book to reveal two thin chicken pieces.
  • To thin them out even further, cover the breast with plastic wrap and pound it with a meat mallet.
  • Lay a slice of cheese in the centre of the breast and cover it with the gammon.
  • Utilising a toothpick to secure the roll, hold the chicken in place. To taste, add salt and pepper.
  • Roll up the chicken, dust it with flour, dip it in the egg, and finally roll it in bread crumbs.
  • Cook for 20 minutes in an air fryer set to 375 degrees. To ensure consistent cooking, turn over halfway.

Instructions for Recipe:
To achieve that lovely crispy exterior, make sure the chicken breasts receive a good coating. Before dusting the chicken with flour, you may also coat it in dijon mustard. This should improve the coating’s adhesion and add a hint of extra flavour. I just dipped mine in a side of mustard, though, because my kids detest it. I also used very thin gammon slices, and I believe that turned out nicely. Thus, the knife did not become stuck and pull the gammon out while I was slicing through the chicken. The cooked gammon crumbled easily and added a wonderful flavour and texture.


  • To achieve that lovely crispy outside, cover the chicken breasts thoroughly.
  • Before dusting the chicken with flour, you may also coat it in dijon mustard. This should improve the coating’s adhesion and add a hint of extra flavour. I just dipped mine in a side of mustard, though, because my kids detest it.
  • Cut the ham into very thin pieces. This way the knife won’t catch and yank out the gammon when you cut through the chicken. The cooked gammon crumbled easily and added a wonderful flavour and texture.
  • Keep your Air-Fryer Basket empty. When there is hot air circulating around the food to cook it evenly, air fryers function best. There must be spaces between the chicken for it to do this. Your air fryer’s capacity may need you to cook in batches.
  • To help prevent sticking, mist your Air Fryer Basket with cooking spray.
  • Cook until 165 degrees are reached inside.

Making chicken cordon bleu in the air fryer is surprisingly simple.The ingredients are really basic, and chances are you have them in your kitchen already.