Bread in 10 Minutes: An Easy Way to Make Delicious Bread

Bread in 10 Minutes: An Easy Way to Make Delicious Bread


  1. 480 grams, or 4 cups, of flour
  2. One cup (220 grams) of Greek yogurt
  3. A quarter of a cup, or 250 milliliters, of clean water
  4. One box, ten grams of baking powder
  5. One teaspoon and eight grams of salt, measured in powder form
  6. fifteen milliliters (15 tsp) of vegetable oil
  7. Three and a half teaspoons avocado oil (or roughly fifty milliliters)


Forming the Rolls by Hand

  • To start, put the yogurt, water, and baking powder in a kneading bowl. Mix thoroughly until a smooth consistency is obtained.

Working Up to Your Contentment

  • Next, add the flour, salt, and vegetable oil gradually while continuing to knead the ingredients gently until a soft dough forms. Don’t knead the bread for too long to avoid affecting its texture.

chopping and pasting

  • Ten portions of the dough should be made.
  • When finished, divide into equal sections and cover to prevent drying out. Each ball should be rolled out into a disc about the size of a dessert plate.

Cooking Recipes:

  • Without a Stove The dough rings should be flattened and fried in a skillet over medium heat, flipping once, until golden brown. There’s no need for oil.

Adding the Finishing Touch

  • Drizzle plenty of butter over each warmed round of bread before serving to bring out the taste.

Making Appetizing Foods

  • That concludes everything! At this point, you can enjoy your freshly made bread. Once the plates are cleared and smiles start to appear, warm it up and enjoy the silence that follows.

To sum up

You can transform a basic recipe into a visually stunning supper in In less than 10 minutes, it will impress your guests as well as your palate. To master this simple bread recipe, you don’t need any particular equipment or cooking experience. What are you waiting for, then? Celebrate the joy of freshly baked bread today by cooking up something creative.

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