Is parchment paper safe to use in an air fryer? I see people asking this issue a lot on a variety of venues. This guide will provide guidance on how to use it efficiently in addition to providing an answer to that query.

Many people have been curious about how to utilise air fryers, also referred to as adult ovens, due to their growing popularity.
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I figured it was time to write on the frequently asked topics in most air fryer recipe groups: “Can you use foil in the air fryer?” and “Can you use parchment paper in the air fryer?”

The Best Paper for Air Fryer Parchment

For your air fryer, high-quality parchment paper is ideal, particularly if you plan to produce your own perforated parchment paper. Since most air fryers have a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, parchment or baking paper that is heat safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit or 218 degrees Celsius is an excellent option.


You may be wondering where on the air fryer the parchment paper should be placed. The air fryer basket is filled with parchment paper. You may use your parchment paper in your air fryer more efficiently by following these tips.

  • Examine your air fryer’s instruction booklet: Since different manufacturers produce different versions of air fryers, it’s critical to read your guidebook. This will assist you in recognising the components of your air fryer, which will improve your understanding of it and help you choose the best accessories for your particular device.
  • In your air fryer, use perforated parchment paper: The apertures aid in the flow of air. That rule does not apply to me in all cases. I make my own pancakes in the Air fryer without the need of perforated parchment paper.
  • Instead of placing it beneath the air fryer basket, place the parchment at the bottom.
  • NEVER Preheat the air fryer using the parchment paper inside: Never preheat your air fryer with parchment paper inside. During cooking, the air fryer’s strong fan circulates heat and air. Because parchment paper is thin, it will fly around in the air fryer and possibly catch fire if it gets trapped in the heating element.
  • Analyse it: Parchment paper should NEVER be used without food on it.
  • Use high-quality parchment paper in your air fryer to choose quality over quantity. Start with a high-quality roll of parchment paper, even if you are creating your own perforated parchment. The highest temperature of most air fryers is 400°F, or 204°C. Verify that the parchment you’re using is suitable for that temperature. Try to utilise FDA-approved Parchment liners as well.

The rationale behind use parchment paper in air fryers.

It’s not necessary to use parchment paper in the air fryer. Still, you may want to use it for the following purposes.

  1. Easy Cleanup: Using parchment paper in the air fryer basket makes cleaning it up after cooking easier. Because of the perforations, it might not capture all of the grease from food spills, but it will catch the most of it.
  2. to increase the air fryer basket’s lifespan. Because parchment paper collects most of the drippings that may adhere to the frying basket during use, it lessens the need for aggressive scrubbing when cleaning the air fryer. All you need to do with a parchment paper is a quick scrub.
  3. Prevents food from sticking: While the majority of air fryer baskets are nonstick, occasionally a food will stick due to deterioration or just plain sticking. Sticking can be avoided by using parchment.
    prevents rips when you need to turn it over.


You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been wondering what baking paper is and whether it’s the same as parchment paper.

Parchment paper and baking paper are interchangeable terms. In certain regions of Europe and Australia, it is referred to as baking paper, however in the United States, it is known as parchment paper.

Baking paper, often known as parchment paper, is a nonstick surfaced paper that is heat and grease resistant. It’s employed in cooking and baking. You can put baking paper in the air fryer, just in case you were wondering. Purchase some online, or make your own with parchment paper and a hole punch.


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