Crispy Brown Sugar Air Fryer Chicken Legs

Crispy Brown Sugar Air Fryer Chicken Legs

Are you tired of the same old chicken supper recipes? Try these Air-fried Chicken Legs with Brown Sugar Crispiness! They just require thirty minutes to prepare and cook, and they have the ideal balance of sweetness and savory flavor.

Ten minutes for preparation;

twenty minutes for cooking

Thirty minutes in total


  1. Eight drumsticks or chicken legs
  2. Two tsp olive oil
  3. One-third cup brown sugar
  4. and one-half teaspoon Kosher salt
  5. one tsp powdered garlic
  6. One tsp powdered onion
  7. one tsp finely ground mustard
  8. One tsp of smoky paprika
  9. One-half teaspoon of cumin
  10. One-half teaspoon of black pepper


  • After removing any surplus fat from each chicken leg, pat it dry. Put the chicken legs into a big dish or resealable plastic bag.
  • Using tongs, thoroughly coat each leg of the chicken after drizzling it with oil.
  • Toss the spices into the basin or bag, making sure to coat each chicken leg thoroughly.
  • Depending on your model, place the chicken in the air fryer basket or on trays, and air fried it for 20 minutes at 400°F. Halfway through the cooking process, turn the chicken.
  • When the chicken is done cooking, it should be 165°F internally, golden brown, and crispy on the outside.

How to Reheat and Store Leftovers

  • Air fryer chicken legs keep well in the refrigerator for three to four days or freeze for two to three months.
  • To reheat, take careful to let them thaw in the refrigerator for an entire night. You can either re-heat the chicken in the air fryer for few minutes or microwave it!
  • My preference is to air fried them for few more minutes because it brings back the crunchy texture!