Garlic and Lemon Cure to Clean Arteries and Reduce Cholesterol

Garlic and Lemon Cure to Clean Arteries and Reduce Cholesterol

Our bodies create the waxy material known as cholesterol, which is also present in the food we eat. While a specific level of cholesterol is necessary for healthy cells, an excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the blood can be harmful to human health. This may result in an accumulation of plaque in the arteries, raising the risk of stroke, heart disease, and other illnesses.

Two foods that have been researched for their potential to clear arteries and reduce cholesterol are garlic and lemon. Lemons are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and soluble fiber, which can help lower blood levels of total cholesterol, while garlic includes sulfur compounds that can help lower blood levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

Here’s how to make this artery-cleaning, cholesterol-lowering remedy with garlic and lemon:


  1. 6 lemons
  2. four garlic cloves
  3. Three liters heated to a boil

Getting Ready

  • Cut the garlic cloves into little pieces after peeling them.
  • After giving the lemons a thorough wash, cut them into little pieces without peeling them.
  • Add the chopped garlic cloves to the boiling water.
  • After allowing the liquid to cool, stir in the chopped lemons. Proceed to divide into three fair trade bottles.
  • For two days, store in the refrigerator with a tight seal.
  • Filter the contents of the three jars and return them to the refrigerator after this rest period.


  • In the morning, pour yourself a glass of this mixture, measured at 300 ml. an empty stomach, forty minutes prior to breakfast, and the same amount before going to bed.
  • See the effects after a week of doing this every day.
    If your blood pressure is properly controlled, cut back to one glass (200 ml) every day after meals.

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