Savory Lentil Patties

Savory Lentil Patties

Your appetites will be satiated by these tasty meatless alternatives, Savory Lentil Patties. Because these patties are perfectly spiced and packed with vegetables and lentils, they are both delicious and healthful. Here’s how to make them quickly:

What you require:

  • One and a half cups (285 grams) of dry red lentils
    chop half of a large shallot.
  • two cloves of finely chopped garlic
  • One small carrot should yield 15 grams, or 1/4 cup, of shredded carrot. fresh parsley, freshly chopped
  • Two teaspoons of tomato puree
  • Half a teaspoon of ground pepper
  • and 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • Incorporate olive oil into your dishes.
    Not necessary Gluing Ingredients (for an egg-free variation, eliminate the eggs):
  • A half-cup of baking powder
  • one or two eggs, or two if not

if you have some on hand, you might choose to use a binder that is composed of water and flaxseed powder.


First, rinse the red lentils well and cook them according to the package guidelines until they are tender but not mushy. After cooking, drain any excess water and let them cool somewhat.
Sautéed vegetables: All you need is a tiny pan heated to a medium temperature with olive oil. Add the chopped shallot, minced garlic, and grated carrot. Sauté for five to seven minutes, or until the carrot is aromatic and tender. Allow the mixture to cool.
Combine the cooked lentils, tomato puree, chopped parsley, sautéed veggies, salt, and black pepper in a big bowl. Blend by mashing. For Using a fork or potato masher, gently mash the ingredients to create a little texture. It’s time to thoroughly combine everything and add the eggs and/or breadcrumbs for binding.
Launch: Patties should be formed out of the ingredients. If the mixture is excessively moist, you can add extra breadcrumbs to change the consistency.
To cook the patties, heat a thin layer of olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Cook for three to four minutes on each side of the patties to produce a crispy and golden brown exterior.
Enjoy these tasty lentil patties as a burger patty or topped with your preferred vegetables while they’re still hot. They taste good on their own or when topped with a little tahini sauce or yogurt.
An option that is vegan can be just as satisfying, as these lentil patties show, because so many plant-based ingredients are versatile. If you’re attempting to become more plant-based in your diet or are a vegetarian, try these patties.

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