Proven folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus

Proven folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus

A frequent ailment that typically begins with a little area beneath the nail tip is nail fungus. It may be yellow or white.

Despite what many people think, fungi may grow on hands as well as feet.


  • Nails grow brittle, thicken, turn yellow, and eventually fall off. Treatment for onychomycosis is quite challenging.
  • The fungal infection starts to spread deeper if it is not discovered in time.
  • The fungus may cause the nail plate to disintegrate, thicken, and change color over time.
  • Even if only one nail was initially infected, other nearby nails may get infected.
  • There are numerous ways to combat fungus, but we now provide you with the most tried-and-true DIY treatments for treating fungal infections of the feet right


  • Treatment of ammonia
  • One scoop of ammonia alcohol should be diluted in a glass of water. Wet the trouble spots in order to apply this remedy.
  • It is required to wrap the injured finger with gauze, place a cellophane bag over it, and then cover it with a sock.
  • The fungus will vanish if these steps are not taken again in 5 days.

Treatment with vinegar

  • The most effective method for eliminating fungus is to use vinegar and an egg.
  • They create a wonderful ointment that helps soothe the damaged nail region and encourages tissue recovery.
  • When the essence dissolves the shell, a raw egg is placed in a glass of vinegar and kept in a dark cabinet.
  • Next, you must take out
  • the shell and combine the vinegar, egg, and 1 tablespoon of oil.
  • Apply the ointment after making an infusion on the feet, and then securely wrap with a plastic bag. Give it at least 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The affected softened area is then cleaned, and the ointment is reapplied the next day.
  • The fungus will literally go away in five days, the old nails will fall off, and new, healthy ones will sprout.

Propolis therapy

  • It is important to apply a 20% propolis tincture with a cotton swab to the affected area.
  • A healthy nail will soon erupt in its place, replacing the injured one.

baking soda

  • stops fungal infections from spreading to healthy areas.
  • Combine baking soda and water.
  • with a 2:1 ratio. After rubbing the mixture over the damaged nail plates for 20 minutes, rinse.
  • Perform the process twice a day for one to two months.
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Tea tree oil possesses antifungal and antibacterial qualities.
  • Oregano oil
  • Additionally, oregano oil possesses antifungal and antiseptic qualities.
  • Combine two tablespoons of olive oil with five drops of oregano oil.
  • After applying the combination to the afflicted nail plates, wait an hour.
  • After using a brush to scrub the area, rinse it with water. Follow the steps once daily for a month.

Coconut lubricant

Use either coconut oil or a 5:1 blend of coconut oil and oregano oil. Allow it to fully absorb. Perform the process twice daily for two months.


  • Combine apple cider vinegar and listerine in a 1:2 ratio.
  • For forty-five minutes, place a cotton ball on the nail plate after dipping it into the liquid. After using a brush to scrub the area, rinse it with water.
  • Follow the steps once daily for a month.
  • Stay healthy by using these cures for nail fungus!

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