Try reducing the dark circles under your eyes

Try reducing the dark circles under your eyes with this simple trick


Those dark circles can be a real eyesore

Dark circles under the eyes are a common sight. The very thin skin under your eyes quickly becomes discoloured. The advice against dark circles or a blue haze is often: “drink more water and get more sleep.” However, people who live healthily and get plenty of sleep can still get these circles. That’s because it’s genetically determined as well. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it and you’ve already got the solution in your kitchen.

The solution for dark circles under your eyes is… a potato!


Dark circles

There are dark circles beneath many people’s eyes. You may be partially to blame for this, but your genetic makeup is also a factor. Regretfully, some people’s circles won’t go away even if they consume an excessive amount of water and sleep a lot. Although many pricey creams and lotions claim to be able to lessen dark circles, you already have the ideal ingredient in your kitchen cabinet.



You read correctly: a potato does wonders for treating dark circles beneath the eyes. Because potatoes are inherently chilly and have a relaxing effect, they are used to treat circles under the eyes. Because they contain vitamin C and antioxidants that nourish the skin, they’re also perfect for using against a blue or dark haze beneath your eyes. Your eyes will appear more open when the puffiness reduces due to the potato’s cooling.


In what way then do potatoes combat dark circles? An chemical substance called catechol is found in potatoes. This natural ingredient is frequently used in skin care treatments designed to lighten skin. Asian makeup often emphasises whitening the skin to remove pigmentation spots. The skin around your eyes may lighten as a result of this chemical, which is only mildly present in potatoes, relieving you of the dark circles under your eyes.


Select an ordinary potato rather than a sweet or red one. The potato should be thoroughly peeled and cleaned to ensure that no dirt remains on it, as this could irritate your skin and eyes.

This is how you do it

There are several methods to use the potato in your fight against dark circles. We’ll go over each one with you!

Method 1: The simplest method is to cut the potato into thin slices, which you should then lay beneath your eyes. Take care that none of the potato’s juice gets in your eyes.
Method 2: A different way is to first grate the potato. That way, a bit more moisture is released, which helps against the circles. Put the grated potato into a thin handkerchief and place this over your eyes.

Method 3: After grating the potato, pass it through a sieve that is placed over a bowl. To force the potato’s liquid into the bowl, use the back of a spoon. After soaking them in the liquid, fold two cotton pads in half. To allow these folded cotton pads to work, place them beneath your eyes.

For best results, apply the potato (or cotton pad) to your eyes for 15 minutes, using whichever way you like. For optimal effects, repeat this process each morning.

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