Use salt in the toilet: Grandma’s foolproof trick!

Use salt in the toilet: Grandma’s foolproof trick!

Keeping your toilet clean and sanitary is essential to the general cleanliness of your bathroom. With time, bacteria, debris, and limescale can build up, transforming this necessary home appliance into a haven for microorganisms. Even though routine cleaning is essential, it might not always be enough to remove the more stubborn buildup and stains.

Here’s the age-old wisdom of grandma’s housekeeping tips: use salt. This easy-to-follow but efficient technique uses salt’s inherent abrasive and deodorizing qualities to bring back the original shine to your toilet.

Why Fill the Toilet Bowl with Salt?

  • Descales Surfaces: The abrasive properties of salt aid in the removal of yellow stains and limescale that adhere to the walls and bottom of toilet bowls.
  • Salt is a natural stain remover in addition to its descaling properties.
  • Removes Bad Odors: It also works to neutralize and eliminate offensive odors, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Unclogs Toilet Pipes: Improper disposal of products like tampons or wipes can cause blockages in your toilet’s plumbing, which salt can help remove.

How to Maintain Toilets with Salt

  • Unclog and Deodorize: Add a glass of salt to the toilet bowl to instantly unclog and deodorize. Before flushing, let it sit for a few minutes. This easy technique can get rid of small obstructions and drastically lessen smells.
  • Monthly Maintenance: Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in boiling water to keep everything clean and prevent further clogs. Once a month, pour this solution into the toilet bowl, let it sit for fifteen minutes, and then flush. This Regular upkeep maintains your toilet clean and in good working order.
  • Boiling Water for Tough Clogs: Boiling water can work wonders for more tenacious obstructions. To get better results, heat half a liter of white vinegar with a liter of water and pour the mixture into the bowl instead of pouring a bucket of boiling water into it. Give it a half hour before flushing.

Salt’s Other Applications in Home Cleaning

  • Salt can be used to unclog bathroom and kitchen sink pipes in addition to toilets. It is a mainstay in home upkeep due to its adaptability and potency as a cleaning agent.
  • It’s possible to attain a level of sanitation and cleanliness that commercial cleaners frequently promise but infrequently fulfill by adding salt to your cleaning regimen. Thus, moving forward When cleaning the bathroom, keep in mind grandma’s tried-and-true salt technique for a spotlessly clean toilet.

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