air fryer almond cake

air fryer almond cake

Savor the nutty perfection of our Air Fryer Almond Cake, a treat that honors both the ease of airfrying and the rich flavor of almonds. This recipe provides an easy and enjoyable method to indulge in a soft and moist almond cake that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. This recipe for Almond Cake is a must-try for everyone who is new to air frying or an experienced baker. Come along on this culinary adventure with us as we walk you through the easy stages of making a delicious almond cake in your air fryer.


  1. One-fourth cup almond flour
  2. Two teaspoons of sugar, granulated
  3. Two teaspoons softened unsalted butter
  4. One big egg
  5. One-fourth teaspoon of extract from almonds
  6. one-eighth teaspoon of powdered baking soda
  7. A pinch of salt

Optional Almond glaze

  1. Two tablespoons of sugar powder
  2. Half a teaspoon of extract from almonds
  3. half a teaspoon of water


  1. Beat softened butter and powdered sugar until frothy and light.
  2. Once the egg and almond extract are added, thoroughly mix them.
  3. Mix almond flour, baking powder, and a small amount of salt in a another basin.
  4. To make a smooth batter, gradually combine the dry components with the wet ones.
  5. Set your air fryer to 160°C, or 320°F.
  6. Grease a tiny cake pan or ramekin that will fit snugly in the air fryer basket.
  7. The cake pan or ramekin should be buttered before adding the almond cake mixture.
  8. In the basket of the preheated air fryer, place the cake pan or ramekin.
  9. To ensure a clean toothpick when pushed into the center, air fried for around 15 to 20 minutes. Watch it closely because cooking times can change.
  10. While the cake cools, make a simple almond glaze by combining water, almond essence, and powdered sugar and whisking until smooth.
  11. After the cake has cooled down a bit, cover the top with the almond glaze.
  12. Let the almond cake cool for a short while before cutting into your delicious little almond cake—it’s moist and full of delicious almond flavor.

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